Queens of the Stone Age "In Times New Roman..." - Dolby Atmos mix now available as a lossless download!


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Jan 1, 2010
Washington, D.C.
I don't recall how good is the Atmos mix. Worth buying?
I don't think anyone will mistake it for a Steven Wilson mix, but there are some fun moments with a backing vocal or extra guitar part separated out to the sides or back. Usually the lead guitars are in the fronts, rhythm guitars in the wides (so you hear those in both the front and rear on a 7.1.x or 5.1.x setup). It's also a bit less fatiguing to listen to than the stereo mix.
I am excited more mainstream music is being made available through these Beggars Group series, but I would suggest avoiding this one. It nears the point of pointlessness in regards to what the surround sound mix offers over the stereo. There is nearly nothing mixed behind the listener, with the back speakers only pulling back the music a bit from the complete front to some indiscernible place in front of the listener.
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I snagged the Queens and Arthur King. Keep 'em coming. I don't ultimately have a deep feeling for everything I buy, but choice and new music is king.
Everything adds to the experience. Why pass anything up of interest? So many I would never have heard of otherwise, (and many have become rotation regulars), if not for IAA.