HiRez Poll Rolling Stones, The - HACKNEY DIAMONDS [Blu-Ray Audio (Dolby Atmos)]


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Rate the BDA of The Rolling Stones - HACKNEY DIAMONDS

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I went 8. The ATMOS mix is very good. Solid. Good bottom while providing lots of room for all the musical elements.

The songs are pretty good, amazing that after all these years they can still come up with interesting ideas while still being the Stones. I don’t imagine it’s easy. That being said, I don’t hear anything you would call classic, but that’s ok because they have a monumental body of work.

The performances are nothing short of amazing. These guys don’t HAVE TO do this, but they still do, and must love it because they are in top form. One caveat, I miss Charles swing. It’s so obviously missing.

The production is modern, very modern, which means this guy Watt did his job and lots of younguns will listen to this stuff and like it. I’d probably like it better if it sounded more like mid seventies Stones, but I’m old as dirt.
A great album but as you say Charlie is missed hugely. His obvious importance to their sound is reaffirmed when you get to Mess It Up and Live By The Sword half way through, on which he is drumming. It's like a breath of fresh air.
I finally found time to give this one a listen. I think the mix is overall very good. The Stones style to me don't really fit a super active mix, so I was looking for the Atmos mix to bring a bigger and more spacious take on the music. Which I feel it does. I gave it a 9 because on a few of the tracks the mixing decided to push the vocals back a bit to favor the instrumentation. Which I feel was a misstep. I listened on a 7.2.4 setup and didn't have any issues with how the audio levels were presented.
Great Album....But The Stones are a 2 channel Band IMHO except for Their Santantic Majesties Request (why no 5.1 SACD or Atmos BluRay ?). I bought the Boxed Set but will rip all the 96/24 tracks except Sweet Sounds which I've make an .mkv of the Atmos track. This way I can play the whole thing in stereo except the one track that really shows off the Atmos is Sweet Sounds of Heaven.
Mix is just weak.
The music is trash..sorry Mick just can't sing anymore and the material is substandard.
Actually considering their heyday this is downright embarrassing.
Listened to the Atmos mix for a few weeks then flogged it!