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May 28, 2011
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Posted on is this Sansui QS-01. Not to be confused with the QS-1. This is an (early version) Vario-Matrix decoder. It is housed in the same type case as the Sansui CD-4 demodulator. Although lacking Hall, Surround and Phase matrix modes it looks very cool.

I messaged the seller about shipping to Canada but as of yet received no response. It is not listed on the Canadian eBay site.

TESTED! Rare Sansui QS-01 Quadraphonic Vario-Matrix Logic QS/RM Decoder

Item description from the seller​

Downsizing my quad collection!

The Sansui QS-01 is essentially a first generation Vario-Matrix QS decoder found in their QRX-x500 series of receivers squeezed into an external box. What that means is you get a decoder with better capabilities than their QS/QR line of decoders and receivers but not as good as the second generation of decoders found in their QRX-x001 receivers. However, don't let that fact deter you--the QS-01 still delivers great logic-enhanced separation with QS-encoded materials. Although this unit was marketed as an upgrade to early Sansui QR receiver owners, the QS-01 can be used with any quad receiver with an available tape loop.

Unit is practically in mint shape and has been tested thoroughly. The only thing I feel worth mentioning is the cord. It looks like the cord has reacted with the styrofoam packing over the years and become stuck to the cord. Cord itself however is fine without splices, cracks, etc. I've hooked it up to my personal QRX-3500 (which essentially has the same decoder) and A/B'ed them without finding any noticeable differences. Please note that this decoder lacks the stereo-to-quad synthesizer circuit or the ability to decode SQ records (or 'phase matrix' in Sansui parlance) with center logic as implemented in QRX receivers. This decoder does QS and QS only! (If you need an SQ decoder I have a listing for a nice Sony SQD-2070).

This auction includes the decoder unit, original packing materials, instruction sheet, and original box. Because I feel the box is part of the package (cool to see the import stickers on it!), I'm going to ship this in a double box. Total size and weight is 18x15x11, 7lbs. Shipped via USPS.

Any questions please ask!