Serge Gainsbourg 5.1 announced!


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No "Je t'aime..." unfortunately... THAT would had been explosive in surround! (heck it was explosive in mono... :) )
I've never heard this album before, although I've seen it floating around in record shops a number of times. I've always been curious, so now that a 5.1 version is on the way, I'll likely pick it up.

On listening to the extended version of Melody that's on the Serge Gainsbourg facebook page, It seems clear to me that this single track influenced Matthew Sweet's "Divine Intervention" and Beck's "Paper Tiger," which are two really outstanding songs. I'm really excited about this release now, so I can hear the whole album, both in stereo and surround.

Has anyone got a guess as far as format on this thing? DTS?
I'm definitely excited about it too. Hopefully it will be a discrete 5.1 mix and not some crappy stereo mix with reverb in the rear channels. It will probably only be a Dolby dvd. Let's face it, DVD-Audio is dead (barring the King Crimson catalog). At this point even DTS is a bonus...

Preorder on Amazon UK here (2CD/DVD version):
Well it landed in my mailbox today. I have only had a chance to give it a quick, passive listen. But it is a true 5.1 mix! Only available in Dolby, but it sounds great all the same.

At first I thought I might be disappointed as the rears weren't doing much, but then they came alive with the string arrangements and the angelic backing vocals. It seems the rear channels are mostly reserved for these sounds though. Serge comes out of the center and most of the mix from the front (L+R). However it really works nicely for the sparse arrangement of the music itself. Just when you forget about the rears, you get a cello stab or the rising and falling of the voices. Cargo Culte was definitely a treat to hear. Haven't studied it too close but those are my first impressions.

I purchased the 2CD+DVD set from for about 10 GBP. Much cheaper than So for this one, you don't need to purchase the super-deluxe-vinyl thingy. Nice! They got it mostly right on this one.
I agree surround mix seems at times to be non existant then whoosh there are the strings and it sounds fantastic !

Short album only just 30 minutes and the extras/alternatives disc is only just about 30 minutes.

Good on universal for actually giveing all the discs a separate tray and not putting one of those horrible sticky Deluxe lables around the sleeve (contrary to recent releases).
Yes, an absolutely quirky mix. For the first 3 minutes of "Melody" I thought something was horribly wrong when nothing at all seemed to be coming from the rears. Then suddenly there go the strings mixed nice and aggressively. Whew! Similar situations later on with the electric violin solo in "En Melody" and with the choir in "Cargo Culte". Thought they might have been more creative with Jane Birken's vocal placement, but overall I'm really enjoying it. The bass/guitar interplay is fantastic.

I also got the 3 disc version from Amazon UK for a very reasonable price. Odd that they chose to include a 2nd CD for the bonus tracks when they could have easily fit on the same CD as the original album.
I ordered the two Serge Gainsbourg blu-ray-audio titles today off of .... will see what happens. May get shipped. May not. Are they both surround?
Finally got around to playing this. Is there a poll? A search on Gainsbourg only finds this post I did.
Well it probably doesn't help that the poll has Gainsbourg misspelled with an "h" added to the end.