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New Windows Terminal

I've recently updated my Windows 11 virtual machine to Windows 11 23H2. I've noticed something odd. The default CMD window is now called something like Windows Terminal. It comes with certain improvements and several oddities. One of them significantly affects SpecWeb. Up to now, if I wanted to generate a 5.1 version of a stereo song, the conversion process would show the progress of the conversion on top of a static presentation of labels, channels, Peak and RMS values, et cetera, on a plain and reasonably static CMD screen. Now SpecWeb will cause the Windows Terminal to display a continuously moving or scrolling display for every snippet of conversion it carries out. So, if the Output time goes from 0:53 to 0:54, a new set of 10 lines will be generated with ever changing numbers on a further freshly generated set of 10 lines and so forth. Is there a known way to make that display more static, other than forcing Windows to always resort to its legacy CMD prompt?
See here: SpecWeb on Windows 11 22H2