Streaming Difficulties With Quadio


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Jul 27, 2023
I apologize in advance if this question has been answered or this is the wrong place to bring it up. Any and all input is appreciated.

I am trying to stream Quadio Blu Ray media using Plex, through an Apple TV device (model A2843), using a Pioneer Elite SC-37. I use MakeMKV, with FLAC, to extract the media and place it in my file folder structure. It will only play stereo on my system, even though I select quad 4.0.

I’ve reviewed Plex settings, the Apple TV device settings, as well as settings on my receiver. I’ve spent countless hours researching this and trying all sorts of things, and cannot figure out what the problem is. Everything else I’ve done using MKV files play perfect.

I’d love to make someone my new hero by telling me what is wrong. Thanks in advance.
I tried Music Media Helper yesterday and it worked, sort of. I extracted the music from the MKV file and saved it as individual FLAC files for each song. All four channels played, hoorah, but were reversed (front was playing in the rear, and the rear was playing in the front). I’ll work on that, but what is mysterious is why MakeMKV didn’t work right in the first place.

Thank you Marplot for giving me a solution. My hero. More work to do, though. Gotta get the song titles, etc., squared away.
I did the tags. The workflow is a little time consuming, but the result is GREAT!! Thank you so much Marplot for leading me to this path. I’ve been listening to a couple of the Doobie Brothers Quadios I got put into Plex. I’ve listened to them since they came on the scene and never heard them like this. It’s just so much more convenient to have all this at your fingertips instead of putting the disc in a Blu Ray. Call me lazy!
To put a wrap on this, I previously thought the channels were reversed and changed them in Music Media Helper. I compared the disc to the streaming and I was wrong. Music Media Player extracted the music files perfectly, with all channels in the correct place, and after getting the tags and naming squared away it is perfect.