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Oct 31, 2008
Middle TN
Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2017 Multichannel SACD from Dutton Vocalion of the album "The Four Seasons" by The Swingle Singers, available to order from the Dutton Vocalion website:

(n) :) (y)

The more I play the disc the more that I love it.

A very strong full marks on material, sound, mix, and presentation.

I voted a strong 9 - I like the content/genre but not enough to go any higher. Fidelity and mix wise it is really top notch. A beautiful analogue like sound coming out of the speakers and the more you crank it the better it sounds...
Michael Dutton's Quad remastering is top notch. The seventies surround is wildly discrete yet enveloping. I know this group does not get much love anymore (lots of jazz and classical purists really dislike them), but the Swingle Singers were quite popular in the early to mid-sixties when many Americans were excited with their new stereo consoles and eager to indulge in a smorgasbord of musical styles from all around the world.

This album has a rather more serious tone than their first couple of J.S. Bach releases, which were great fun yet relied on a lighter jazz lilt and prominent bass and drums. The upright bass and percussion are clearly heard here, but quieter and more recessed. The vocal harmonies are remarkably complex and beautiful. Even that old chestnut, Pachelbel's Canon, is glorious. Listening to some of the vocalized Bach passages is to float like a hawk on a vast thermal updraft. Yeah, I like it. Positively a 10 for me.
As Palchebel (cranked low 80s dB-C) accompanied my coffee this Sunday morn, came a gentle knock at the man-cave door.

My wife slipped me this note:

I added this to my last Dutton order to even the number of CDs in the package.
I've been spinning and enjoying it way more than the Derringer disc.
Enough to confidently award it a 10.

I'd recommend this for any vintage quad buff.
There's nothing else like it in your collection, I'd expect.
It's barely 30 minutes, not a second wasted.

I remember the Swingle Singers from 60s TV appearances.
They were so unique in sound and name, they made a lasting impression.

^ ^ ^ ^
Totally agree with the review above from my Sooner neighbor.
Bass from every corner walking classic Bach lines is sublime.
Spare, quiet drummer anchors discrete singers rippiing into familiar material with fresh jazzy takes.

This is the third Dutton classical title I've grabbed.
I have no more interest in the Easy Listening MOR side of their catalog at this point.

Classical D-V quad in unique instrumentation / orchestration á la Swingle, Rheinberger, Bream...
...let's get some more votes in on these.
I need more for my wish list.
Surround mix and fidelity are great on this disc. But honestly - I can not listen to this kind of music interpretation for half an hour straight. After about 15 minutes it gets boring and annoying for me... (I like the Four Seasons, though).