Vocalion Books Publishes The Mood Modern (August 2018 Release)


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Dutton Vocalion has launched its newest initiative - a publishing division named Vocalion Books.
Their first book is The Mood Modern by Oliver Lomax, now available for purchase. You will find more on it in the August 2018 Blog at Dutton Vocalion.

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Vocalion Books – a subsidiary of renowned reissue label Vocalion and leading independent classical label Dutton Epoch – presents its publishing debut: Oliver Lomax’s The Mood Modern. The product of extensive research, this new book tells the story of two of the world’s greatest recorded music libraries – KPM and Bruton Music.

Also known variously as mood, stock, background or production music, for decades library music has made an important though the anonymous contribution to the broadcast media, supplying film, radio, and television with innumerable themes and underscores.

The Mood Modern is three books in one, weaving together the separate strands of company history, biography and critical assessment of some of the most important music collectively produced by the KPM and Bruton libraries during the course of a quarter century, spanning the years from 1956 to 1980. At the heart of the book, however, is the Phillips family, one of Britain’s great music publishing dynasties, but in particular Robin Phillips (1939-2006).

I'm for this one! Love kpm to bits! This announcement is definitely banana worthy! :SB :rocks :SG :dance :LB