Quad LP/Tape Poll ZZ Top: Tres Hombres [Q8/Q4]


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It’s really a special album to have in such a discreet quad mix, and it’s very appreciated that the Q4 got some EQ in the transfer that results in an exceptional playback. Tasteful EQ that is good, and brightened things up just right. It’s a demo quality Q4 now. And one that I’m not holding my breath waiting on for reissue.

Thank heavens that this was not confined to a Q8 only release.
this one is their best and aren't we lucky to get it in quad!!
now compare that to Lou Reed where we got Metal Machine Music in quad instead of Transformer! lol
As corrected, the call and response in Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers now is as God and ZZ T intended. I give it a 10.:brew
La Grange also has that rockin' call n' response thing going on... listen to that intro into the kickin' part. Just hell raisin' I swear.

Even if this quad mix was born fucked up, I love it.

Btw, Charlie, a long term member, but not seen since last summer. Hope you are well.
Love the Q mix of this album. But I have only heard the DTS conversion from 2 authors (no names), and both have high end rolled off too much to hide hiss.

I would love to hear this with the hiss and full fidelity that must be on the London QR. It is very very sad to me to hear what some conversion people have dome in the name of perfect "no hiss" transfers.

Looks like this one needs to be done in DVD-A-R with no processsing whatsoever.
The reel wasn't full of hiss. It had a poor high end. I boosted the high end quite a bit when I did my conversion.
10/10 from me. This is greasy Tex-Mex BBQ Rock n Roll at it's finest. The inside of the gatefold says it all.
One on my local record stores, Jupiter Records, has the gatefold hung up in their bathroom right above the toilet. heheheheheheheheheeee
What's the most recognized track from this album?
Isn't that just lovely!!!! The master tape reel that I doubt will ever be reissued by the band on modern format. Jon are you a collector of Q reels?

I had to give it a ten. :cool: I wish I had the Q4, but the Q8 sounds fantastic, except there's some noise, especially on track 2 and Left Front channel on the tape I got last summer. Well it only bothers in the quiet spots. I seem to have similar issues witha a few other Q8 cartridges that have the copper springy thingy pads. Too much pressure on the tape or too little? Sometimes a small wiggle on the cartridge seems to fix it for a while. Then when I run the tape again to digitize it, the noise comes back! :-?
only an 8 cause all I have is the DTS conversion, probably a solid 9 for the real thing but since I have not heard it, great album , nice mix, my original London vinyl is SUPERB
Quad albums that make you start googling who owns the rights so you know if you need to poke Rhino or DV to express interest in a hi-rez release.

It's Rhino in this case. Warner has reissued the stereo album multiple times in the last 5 years. I can't imagine this not selling well as a Quadio release.
ZZ Top Quad.jpeg
The use of the surround speakers is very discreet. However the mix and placement of the instruments is just awful. Why are the drums in the rear to one side? Great potential, awful mix placement.