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Aug 2, 2008
THEOThe Game of Ouroboros (BD-A [DD] / 5.1 FLAC [96/24]) 1/27
RushFly by Night (BD-A) 1/27
Rick WakemanThe Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (CD+DVD-A) 2/2
Rick WakemanThe Six Wives of Henry VIII (CD+DVD-A) 2/2
Blood, Sweat & TearsBlood, Sweat & Tears (SACD) 2/10
Old Merry Tale JazzbandGreatest Hits of Dixieland (DVD-A) 2/23
The Guess WhoThe Best of the Guess Who (SACD) 2/24
Steven WilsonHand. Cannot. Erase. (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24] / BD-V) 3/2
Anthony PhillipsThe Geese and the Ghost (2CD+DVD-A) 3/9
Howard JonesEngage (CD+DVD [dts]) 3/9
Ozark HenryParamount (BD-A) 3/9
BreadBest of Bread (SACD) 3/10
Grover Washington, Jr.Winelight (SACD) 3/10
Simple MindsSparkle in the Rain (4CD+DVD-A / BD-A) 3/16 (boxset 3/24)
MarillionBreaking Records (2BD-V) 3/20 (incl. Radiation 5.1 mix)
Steve HackettWolflight (CD+BD-A) 3/30
KatatoniaSanctitude (BD-V) 3/30
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet (BD-A) 4/6
Earth, Wind & FireOpen Our Eyes (SACD) 4/7
AmericaHomecoming (SACD) 4/7
Gavin HarrisonCheating the Polygraph (CD+DVD-V [dts]) 4/13
NosoundTeide 2390 (CD+DVD-A/V) 4/13
RushA Farewell to Kings (BD-A) 4/21
LabelleNightbirds (SACD) 4/21
Billy JoelStreetlife Serenade (SACD) 4/21
ELPTrilogy (2CD+DVD-A) 4/27
Marvin GayeLet's Get It on (BD-A) 4/28
bArtManLos Gigantes (BD-V / DVD-A / DVD-V) 5/2 BD-V incl. new 5.1 mixes of 2 previous albums
Jethro TullMinstrel in the Gallery (2CD+2DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 5/4
OgreThe Last Neanderthal (DVD-A) 6/5
Lynyrd SkynyrdSouthern Surroundings (BD-A) 6/22
The DoorsThe Best of the Doors (SACD) 6/29
NemeseaIn Control / Live at the P3 (2DVD-V [dts]) 7/17
Tim BownessStupid Things that Mean the World (FLAC) 7/17 available only @Burningshed
Roger WatersAmused to Death (CD+BD-V / SACD) 7/24
Ian CookeAntiquasauria (CD+DVD-A / LP+DVD-A) 8/7
Son ContrabandoSon Contrabando (FLAC [88.1/24]) 8/8
RushSignals (BD-A) 8/18
Jeff Beck GroupJeff Beck Group (SACD) 8/21
Mahavishnu OrchestraBirds of Fire (SACD) 8/21
TesseracTPolaris (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 9/18
David GilmourRattle that Lock (CD+DVD-V [dts] / CD+BD-V) 9/18
Loggins & MessinaLoggins & Messina (SACD) 9/18
David Miles HuberParallax Eden (BD-A) 9/18
Ben FoldsConcerto for Piano and Orchestra (dtsCD) 10/2
Sly & The Family StoneGreatest Hits (SACD) 10/16
Steve HackettPlease Don't Touch & Spectral Mornings (10CD+4DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 10/23 part of the Premonitions boxset
XTCOranges & Lemons (CD+BD-V) 10/30
King CrimsonTHRAK (CD+DVD-A) 10/30
Gentle GiantOctopus (CD+BD-A) 10/30
Velvet UndergroundLoaded (5CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 10/30
OpethDeliverance & Damnation Remixed (2CD+2DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 10/30
AnathemaA Sort of Homecoming (2CD+DVD-V [dts] / BD-V) 10/30
Janet FederT H I S C L O S E (SACD) 11/3 also available as 5.1 FLAC (since 5/15)
YesFragile (CD+DVD-A / CD+BD-A) 11/6
The Beatles1+ (DVD [DD] / BD-Vvarious configurations) 11/6
Nucleus TornBlowing up the Entire World (Explosions 1997 – 2015) (3DVD-V [dts]) 11/6 limited to 187 copies
Appeltown Washboard WormsCountry & Boogie Saloon (DVD-A) 11/8
Jane Ira Bloom – Early Americans (BD-A [dts-HDMA) 11/8
PrimusPrimus and the Chocolate Factory (CD+DVD-V [DD]) 11/20
Jethro TullToo Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young to Die! (2CD+2DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 11/27
Bruce SoordBruce Soord (FLAC / FLAC) 11/27 available with pre-order @Burningshed or @IAA
Allman Brothers BandIdlewild South (3CD+BD-A) 11/27
Simple MindsOnce Upon a Time (5CD+DVD-A/V / BD-A) 12/4
Fleetwood MacTusk (5CD+2LP+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 12/4
Henry Mancini & Doc SeverinsenBrass on Ivory / Brass, Ivory & Strings (SACD) 12/4
Henry ManciniSix Hours Past Sunset / A Warm Shade of Ivory (SACD) 12/4
Floyd CramerClass of '73 / Class of '74 & '75 (SACD) 12/4
Floyd CramerSuper Country Hits / The Young and the Restless (SACD) 12/4
Hugo MontenegroOthers by Brothers / Scenes and Themes (SACD) 12/4
Perry ComoPerry / In Person at the International Hotel, Las Vegas (SACD) 12/4
Alice CooperMuscle of Love (SACD) 12/11
Judy CollinsColors of the Day: The Best of (SACD) 12/11
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Another year, another list:)
Please feel free to contribute any info.

I'm about to add the following releases as soon as there's confirmation these are multichannel:

John Coltrane Blue Train (BD-A) 5/5
Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles and Maiden Voyage (BD-A) 5/5
Miles Davis Take Off: The Complete Blue Note Albums (BD-A) 5/5

Also, how do you feel about including these live 3-track releases?

Tony Bennett Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall (SACD) 3/24
Harry Belafonte - Belafonte at Carnegie Hall (2SACD) 3/24
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I'll definitely help to contribute to this list when I can as I am now using these lists all the time to help find new surround mixes for me to listen to and buy!

Thanks so much for keeping them going! :)
I'll definitely help to contribute to this list when I can as I am now using these lists all the time to help find new surround mixes for me to listen to and buy!

Thanks so much for keeping them going! :)

Since the next big & new surround mix isn't due out until after July 1 ("Amused to Death"), I'm running down my top 5 surround releases of the year so far:

1) Steven Wilson "Hand. Cannot. Erase"
2) ELP "Trilogy"
3) Anthony Phillips "The Geese & The Ghost"
4) Jethro Tull "Minstrel in the Gallery"
5) Simple Minds "Sparkle in the Rain"

Honorable Mention: Nosound
(I don't have the Gavin Harrison disc, so that's why that disc isn't included in this Top 5) :)
FYI - Ian Cooke – Antiquasauria has been confirmed as a DVD-A by Neil W. (y)
Wow. I've just realized that this year's schedule is still keeping the pace of one surround title per week. :worthy:cool:
The 'ELP – Trilogy (2CD+DVD-A) 4/27' link send me to King Crimson on Burning Shed. But can't find the 5.1 mix of Trilogy there or on Amazon.uk... Any knows where to get Trilogy 5.1?