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I made a huge post about that. The 2003 surround sound mix of their second album has a TON of errors on its release. Its timbre basically forgoes the Wall of Sound style in translating it to surround sound, so it's an incredibly interesting listen for that alone. With the errors fixed, I think it's still a rather lame surround sound mix (albeit better than with the errors), and it honestly is more interesting for how it sounds flattened to stereo.

Here is that post, btw: https://www.quadraphonicquad.com/forums/threads/fixing-oasiss-morning-glory-in-5-1.33250/
I remember reading that post but I didn't initially recognise you so apologies for that.

Btw did you get sick of that album from constantly having to listen it for the mix? Lol
Another fruitful week with many announcements:

Fourplay are reissuing their album Between the Sheets on multichannel SACD.

Deep Purple revisit Machine Head, this time complete with two surround mixes not available before digitally, the Atmos one by Dweezil Zappa.

Oneohtrix Point Never drops Again, another BD-A.

SDE offer two Wham! albums simultaneously over a two-week pre-order period, as a part of their Surround Series.

Quadio #4 arrives on 4 de mayo. May the force be with Rhino!

Finally, two new Atmos downloads via IAA:
Spirit & Soul EP by Jere B and Sonic Birth by The Progressive Souls Collective, the latter also with dedicated 5.1 mix.
The Ultravox Facebook page just posted something about "Two tracks remixed by Steven Wilson from the forthcoming Lament box set." It's definitely coming.

Looks like a Record Store Day release.

Four Steven Wilson extended mixes of songs from Ultravox’s album Lament. Two remixes are included on the Lament [Deluxe Edition] box set and two are previously unreleased and exclusive to this 12”.

1/ White China [Steven Wilson Extended Re-Mix]
2/ Man of Two Worlds [Steven Wilson Extended Re-Mix]
3/ When The Time Comes [Steven Wilson Extended Re-Mix]
4/ A Friend I Call Desire [Steven Wilson Extended Re-Mix]

Weekend update, no slowing down yet:

New title on 2L label is Ensemble 96.

The upcoming Pearl Jam album is going to have Atmos mix available on physical media, a first for the band.

Maybe you've already heard about Mark Knopfler's Guitar Heroes - their charity single comes also as a CD+BD combo, including Atmos mix.

Three reissues on SACD simulaneously for Steve Hackett - Wolflight, The Night Siren and At the Edge of Light to come out in Japan next month.

Atmos download via IAA is this time QQ's own Franck Martin - Je me Souviens is now available as mkv and mp4.

Oh, and maybe you should also check post #2, as there is some brewing going on...
Now listening to Boris Blank's Resonance.

This is a tour de force in everything I've been banging on about for a 7.1.4 mix.

Anything that Stefan Bock puts his name to is going to be beyond excellent in it's mix. This is a prime example.

It's absolutely stunning.

I would humbly suggest that all QQers should give this a listen and if it's your thing then you will be joining me in total awe of it's thoughtful beauty.

For those of you who don't have a Dolby Atmos set up, there is a Auro-3D 7.1.4 option which is 5.1 compatible.

Enjoy :SG

A shameless plug.

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That's a lotta guitarists to fit onto one track! Still, seems like a good cause. Had I known about it, I probably would've chipped in.
Yeah I don’t get this at all, it’s a charity single and you hard limit it like this so it’s sold out in pre-order? Makes no sense to whatsoever and seems to contradict the purpose.
I'm surprised I only found out about today.
Ditto but I do have the stunning Complete Local Hero Soundtrack from Mark on Stereo SACD from MoFi and it comes highly recommended

Mark Knopfler - Local Hero (MOFI) (Hybrid SACD) – Phono.dk

SACD Ost. Local Hero by Mark Knopfler (Hybrid/Stereo) - CAPMUSIC

Do they mean a digital clone or have they mastered from a analogue master in house?
That information I can not truthfully supply. The trend lately has been to make digital copies of the masters and then send those off to the reissue companies due to the fragility of some of the original analogue masters but I wouldn't be too concerned unless you have golden ears and can readily hear the difference since almost all of the majors have been digitizing their absolute analogue masters for years to preserve them in climate controlled vaults for posterity!