7.1 Channel FLAC in an Acura ELS 3D?


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Mar 1, 2020
Raleigh, NC
Anyone ever try playing a 7.1 FLAC in an Acura ELS 3D system? I'm currently making a copy of my Tears for Fears "The Tipping Point" Blu-ray and noticed it has a 7.1 mix on it as well as 5.1. Curiosity might make me see what happens when i convert that to a FLAC file (at least one track). Also true for Dolby Atmos files. Was curious if anyone ever tried converting that to FLAC and see what happens? (i realize this is probably a dumb question given my limited understanding of audio coding and such).
It won't work. Others have tried it and according to the ELS Facebook page, the hardware is not going to deal with it. You will end up with a stereo listen of whatever the CPU decides to split to the R and L channel. I think I actually did try it way back and it did not fly.

Many cars going forward will probably have Atmos surround in them, so maybe those systems will play a 7.1 file, but I would expect that the music industry is going to standardize on atmos, and that will be a function of how the playback system is designed with regard to the number of discrete channels it can play