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Bob Romano

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Apr 26, 2002
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I received two new methods for decoding SQ using Adobe Audition 2.0!!(y)(y)

Our very own Lucanu asked me to test them out and after doing several tests I can say that these rock!!!

They are both in the zip file attached here.

The only other thing you will need is a free plugin called Phasebug.
Just install into the VST folder that Audition looks for and you will be all set.

For the script:

Copy the script into your AA2.0 script folder.

Create your 24/96 file with SQ encoded wav.

Make 2 copies (Front and Rear)... there is no longer a temp file needed.:banana:

Edit the script to look for the folder that contains your wavs.

Start the decoding.

This method is much faster than the previous SQ decoding scripts. You will save about 33% in time.

For the session:

Open Audition.

Go to the mulitrack section.

Open the session thats included here.

You will have to change the output settings to match your sound card.

Load the 24/96 stereo SQ wav into track one.

Press Ctrl E to open the surround section of AA

Export to 6 monos and get rid of the C and LFE when the process is done.

This is also very fast though I was not able to play it live and I have tons of memory and a pretty fast computer (it sounded all garbled and was slow). The results were excellent!

What I like about these new methods is:
1) they are faster

2) the separation is excellent. One of my tests was "Open Up Wide" by Chase. The opening trumpet circles around you and eventually swirls around as the song starts. The circle was CLEAN! During the actually song the solos are in the front only. Here again the separation was perfect. Miniscule leak into the rear during the trumpet and organ solos. I check this track against my original decoding using the original AA script and, to my ears, it sounds cleaner and more sharp.

3) Sometimes in the original scripts the percussives would sound a bit soft. Not here! Everything sounds exactly as it should.

There is no real difference in the results between the script and the session. I did notice that the session results were a bit lower in gain from the script but the separation results were the same.

I recommed that you give these a try!

Thanks to Lucanu!!!!


  • Lucanu SQ Script.zip
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Press Ctrl E to open the surround section of AA

Export to 6 monos and get rid of the C and LFE when the process is done.
in the middle of the to passages:
after you open the surround section of AA2.0 select where to route front and rear
"L+R, stereo" for the front
"Ls+Rs, stereo" for the rear
Load the 24/96 stereo SQ wav into track one.

Load which file where?

Neither of these instructions are clear enough on what to do after running the script.
Did you open the session in Audition....?
Open the session....
Load your SQ encoded wave in track one of the session
Change the outputs for each track to match your soundcard.
CTRL-E to open the surround section
Set just like in the picture and export to 6 monos
When the session is complete you will have 6 monos and you can toss C and LFE because they will be blank.

You will now have Front Left and right and Rear left and right

And if you have previously used the scripts, they work exactly the same except that you will need to install the Phasebug VST in the folder that Audition uses for VST plugins.


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Ok, are you saying that the script and the session are 2 alternate ways of doing the same thing? I thought they were different parts of the process.
Ok, are you saying that the script and the session are 2 alternate ways of doing the same thing? I thought they were different parts of the process.

Correct... they are two different ways to do the same thing. You can use either.

And they both give the exact same results except for the minor volume difference. The best parts are the increased speed and (to my ears) the cleaner separation...
I tried this yesterday. I had 3 SQ Albums already recorded at 24/96 on one of my HDs, so I did all three. I have not had a lot of time to futz with the files yet, but one of these I had previously done with the older script, so I extracted one song and compared the rears of each.

On first listen, the new script seemed to reflect a slight "tinnier" sound while actually removing more of the lead vocal that should not have been in the rears (on the Q8, it's not there). However, when comparing it side by side and ear by ear, the result sonically was about the same, with the new script doing a better job (slight, but a bit better) of removing that bleed through vocal.

So, I have to say it's a good job by Lucanu!!! :D Once I get some time to "clean and tweak" and listen, I'll report back. In the case of 2 of the 3 albums I did, I also have the Q8 files to compare them with. Of course, the tedius test would be to decode these through my QB restored Tate and make the REAL comparison!

One thing these scripts are proving: SQ did not "suck". I have to admit that I've always been a CD-4 guy because the results in the '70s were night and day, but these scripts are proving that there actually WAS something there - it's just that we could not get to it in the '70s.
Works great, but do I have to do the 3db cut, as per the original method? I did this last night for side 1 of Tubular Bells, but now I've come to do side 2 I can't remember XD

I can't wait to hear the other albums from the box set decoded!
Hey Lucanu,

I am still dreaming of the day we have a script that will synth quad out of stereo like many QS settings and some SQ. Man that would be the the greatest ever!!

A man can dream cant he???

Warmest Regards,
Hello, I'm Friedel from Germany.
In the last posts I learned, that Audition is able to decode SQ.
Some questions:
Which version shall I order, 1.5, 2 or 3?
Is it possible to try out with the shareware one?
I want to playback the 4 decoded channels over the soundcard (Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS).
Is this possible, or have I to burn a DTS-CD?

Thanks and regards