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2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Since 2002/2003
Feb 8, 2004
The Top 40 Radio of My Mind
PCQ 34165, from 1976.

Side 1:

1. Back In The Saddle
2. Last Child
3. Rats In The Cellar
4. Combination

Side 2:

1. Sick As A Dog
2. Nobody's Fault
3. Get The Lead Out
4. Lick And A Promise
5. Home Tonight

ED :)
One of the few quad records I've had since the old days.

I really liked Aerosmith back then when I was a twenty something and still do.:eek:

Plenty of quad action in some songs like "Back In the Saddle". "Rats in the Cellar", and "Lick and a Promise".(y)

I don't think any of these were ever released with the gold border, right?

Not that I've ever seen; by '75 Columbia went with a more customized design that integrated quad into the standard stereo cover graphics.

This Lp is well known among Aerosmith fans for having a 'rad' quad remix which(going by memory)tends to showcase percussion and some guitar work a bit more obviously than the original stereo. Woulda made a fine SACD MC if Sony had bothered....

ED :)
Great Q8! Sony really dropped the SACD ball by not releasing all 3 Aerosmith quad titles on SACD. At least we got Toys in the Attic.

(Note that there were a miniscule number of "Rocks" stereo SACDs released. The story on these is found at a post somewhere at SHF, including scans of the rare disc.)
Sony has had a dark history of dropping balls--and formats. I've never seen the ROCKS SACD, but it is a comfort it was stereo-only(had I missed a quad remaster of that one I'd have been very :eek: :mad:@:....

I've never been a huge Aerosmith fan. I've liked some of their better meat'n'potatoes rockers; they had their moments during these early years(can't stand most of their later stuff, some of which is downright embarrassing). But credit where it's due: ROCKS is a very fine mix, makes a decent album all the better. A '9' for this one.

ED :)
When we were messing around with Plogue-based quad decoding, I played with a rip of this record. This is one I'd love to hear done by one of the master quad guys out there and the new methods.
I too enjoy this title in quad immensely, and would love to see the further improvements from the final SQ script.
You've hit it right, i've just realised how large the backlog of re-issues is, plus i've a massive backlog of new titles. And ten there;s the other projects.... Oh well, best get on.......

You are correct, Doug. Aerosmith's first came out in '73, and no one noticed outside Boston. It was '76 when they finally hit big. Columbia then released Get Your Wings and Toys in Quad. Rocks followed in Quad as a new release, so they were a couple years beyond the gold bordered SQ's. I bought these in SQ. I love Rocks. I think it's their most underrated album. I love the mix and the tunes, especially Saddle, Last Child and Sick.

...I don't think any of these were ever released with the gold border, right?

Ah, seems I've joined the majority here with a conservative "9" vote. I'm a big fan of the album - moreso than a fan of Aerosmith perse - so the music rates up there for me. I guess the reluctance to go "10" has to do with the limitations of the SQ format more than anything. The mix is a lot of fun, actually. A real shame that this and "Get Your Wings" never got the sacd treatment. Odd since the TITA quad mix sounds to me like the weakest of the bunch. ROCKS, on the other hand, totally rocks!
----------- Chris
I wasn't much of an Aerosmith fan until I heard "Rocks" (and "Get Your Wings") in SQ Quad. I'm a big fan of gimmicky Quad and love the cracking whip that circles the room, as I remember it that effect is totally missing from the stereo mix. I would rate Rocks as Aerosmith's best followed closely by "Get Your Wings" and then "Toys in the Attic". I don't care for Aerosmith's newer material but then again if it was presented in a great surround mix I might change my mind!