An exciting new Rob Reed solo album (Cursus 123 430) with a 5.1 mix is on it's way...


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If you watch/listen to the video, some of my earlier cryptic comments should make a bit more sense now. It's a purely electronic concept album; a trip back to the '70s using vintage analogue gear. The sounds he's managed to get are huge and epic, which suits the subject matter perfectly.
Wow! My copy just popped through the letterbox. That was not expected so soon. I started listening on my desktop speakers and loved it straight away - so much so that I stopped playing it (!) so I can listen to it properly tonight on the main system. On such a brief listen, it wouldn't be fair to comment too much, but the initials JMJ and RW keep coming into my mind...

The bonus CD (not listened yet) is mainly single versions and demos, which in general I tend not to find very illuminating, but it also has one of the album tracks as a 'Sanctuary remix' which sounds like a great idea, as well as the Cursus 'Symphonic Poem'. The book is a 'prestige format' graphic novel (better than a comic, less than a book). A very nice package overall.
Mine came this morning while I was at work, I found it when I returned home, I immediatly popped the DVD in the Sony and I'm reminded of Wakeman & Vangelis. DTS 5.1, it's Rob Reed, so of course the surround mix is very good.

Edit: my phone takes a crap photo, the outer space on screen is a lot duller than that and the text is a lot redder.
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Also, I ordered the CD/DVD combo (without the book). I hope this one contains 5.1 mix. It doesn't say anything about it. The other combos mention the 5.1 mix.