Anthony Phillips - "Wise After The Event" Coming in 5.1 surround?


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Excellent news. This is a superb album, coincidentally I was listening to it this morning on my way to work. Its much more song based than The Geese and The Ghost.

Its intriguing that the listing says 4 discs, its been released before with a cd of extras, and another disc would be the dvd audio, but what could be on the fourth disc?
Check out this listing:

Looks like a similar release to "The Geese & The Ghost" deluxe edition of this year, and it says DVD-Audio, so you know what that probably means?! :) :banana:

Good spot! :banana: This title was mentioned in an early Esoteric press release for Private Parts & Pieces I-V, but in a general way that didn't say anything about a deluxe release. I can only hope that "The Geese & The Ghost" did so well that we'll see more albums from Ant getting the same treatment. :)
Will have to audition soon... I loooove Geese & Ghost. To me, more song oriented could be a bad thing, depending on the songs...

The songs aren't all short, and are quite like early Genesis. One bad thing for some people could be the absence of guest vocalists, so Anthony Phillips is singing it all.

Here's the tracklisting:

1."We're All as We Lie" – 4:37
2."Birdsong and Reprise" – 6:45
3."Moonshooter" – 5:58
4."Wise After the Event" – 10:28
5."Pulling Faces" – 4:37
6."Regrets" – 6:02
7."Greenhouse" – 3:03
8."Paperchase" – 5:34
9."Now What (Are They Doing to my Little Friends?)" – 8:23
As one of the biggest Anthony Phillips fans around, I will be sure to pick this up, but I can't wait to hear similar news about his classic albums Slow Dance and 1984.. I hope I live to hear those in surround one day!
Vicky from Esoteric just confirmed that this will definitely be a surround release. :banana: No info on format but it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume as per Geese & Ghost :)
For some that don't want to order from the US has it too...I just checked the difference in price for ME...since I get charged tax the total may be different for charge for shipping and tax(6%)is $39.90 as opposed to the amazon UK price of $36.43...since this total is over $35.00 there is no shipping might be nice for them to order from the US...the release date is 5 days later than the UK...but considering the time to reach the US it's probably about the same(maybe with the possible exception of privateuniverse who obviously has connections with the Customs Clearinghouse:))...HERE is the US listing
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I just pre-ordered from amazon uk:banana:..I'll keep track of the other "usual suspects" like importcds...bullmoose..and deepdiscount and see which one offers the best deal when it gets closer to the release date...under $37 seems like a fair price so I probably won't change from amazon uk.....

Update...I changed my order to amazon US as I previously forgot about the free shipping for the order total over $ my credit card company charges a foreign transaction fee(around $1) the difference in price is only a couple of dollars...
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If he thinks he's going broke now...what until he starts to buy vinyl...and with that new turntable you can bet he will be buying some...he will have to justify the purchase...oh what an evil cycle...BUT I LOVE IT:)

OMG! You got that right. Hey, which reminds me...I need to see where my traveling Sabbath LP's are today....they were somewhere in Iowa the other day.