Arjen Lucassen Supersonic Revolution-Golden Age of Music


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So did I, just bought it, expense or is that excessive month! 

BTW the Artbook with the 5.1 DVD is limited to 3000 world wide.

Yep, ordered my copy too Duncan 👍

Get a download too.
Me too 😀, the download sounds promising.
So did I, just bought it, expense or is that excessive month! 

BTW the Artbook with the 5.1 DVD is limited to 3000 world wide.

Yep, ordered my copy too Duncan 👍

Get a download too.
So did I, just bought it, expense or is that excessive month! :sneaky:

BTW the Artbook with the 5.1 DVD is limited to 3000 world wide.
Ordered also,

my song download is at 320 kbps MP3 -stereo only, is that what you guys got also?

Thanks beerking,Duncans,haikubass etc for posting about this in 2023 new releases but I think this needs it's own thread so that we can have any updates on what's happening with this release. Arjen sure is one talented guy. Here is a song from the upcoming album.

From Arjen:

Here it is… always very scary for me… the first single and videoclip of my new band Supersonic Revolution called ‘The Glamattack’! Please let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Can’t wait to read it since this is a new band that I’m very proud of, so… very curious! This song The Glamattack is about the rise of glamrock in the early seventies with acts like T Rex, Sweet, Alice Cooper and David Bowie. Back then I wanted to BE these artists! I even remember stealing my mother’s wig and singing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror. I really loved the theatrics and the outrageous image of these glitter bands; they were about more than just music. This video was made by Dave Letelier, and for me he really captured the colorful vibe of the early seventies. Yeah sure… it’s totally over-the-top and excruciatingly colorful, but that’s what this band is all about… MORE = MORE 😊 Vocals – Jaycee Drums – Koen Herfst Hammond – Joost van den Broek Guitar – Timo Somers Bass – Arjen Lucassen
Here is some more information on this project:

How this band came to be:

The whole project grew from a request to provide a track for a cover CD for the German music magazine Eclipsed. “They asked if I had any cover versions lying around,” he recalls. “I said, ‘No but I’ll happily record one for you.’ So, they gave me a list of bands and I saw a ZZ Top song ‘I Heard It On The X’ that I really like. I said I could record it for them, but then they told me it had to be ready in one week…”

“I was like ‘Oh my god!’. I contacted my favourite musicians in Holland via WhatsApp and literally within 30 minutes I had assembled five people. A band basically. From there the seed was sown in Lucassen’s mind. ‘I want to form a band. And I want to simply have fun!’.

“I’m a perfectionist as you know, so I’m always sending musicians their parts back and asking them to change stuff,” he acknowledges. “But this was all brilliant. We were having fun, calling and WhatsApping all the time, and within a week we had a complete product.” He continues, “Also I wanted to have an up-beat, positive project.”

“I was like, let’s form a band and let’s write songs in the style of the 70s, and have the lyrics be a celebration of all the memorable things from that time, because those were my formative years,” he enthuses. “But I didn’t want it to sound like the 70s because that’s already been done, and I can’t do it any better than ‘Stargazer’ or ‘Kashmir’.”

“The guys are all younger than me – around 30 – so they weren’t even alive yet in the 70s. So, it was a great way for me to make 70s music with lots of Hammond and blistering guitars, but to update it to this time.”

The end result is 11 tracks of high energy, progressively inclined heavy rock that swings with the kind of groove Deep Purple rocked with in the early to mid-1970s. “This album is not a typical prog album. It’s not Yes or Genesis. But it’s not a metal album either. There’s a track called ‘Burn it Down’,” Lucassen notes, “it’s totally based on ‘Smoke On The Water’ but written from the perspective of the ‘stupid with a flare gun’ mentioned in the original lyrics.

The album also features covers of some legendary songs given the Arjen Lucassen treatment as bonus tracks: T-Rex’s ‘Children of the Revolution,’ ZZ Top’s ‘Heard It On The X,’ Earth Wind and Fire’s ‘Fantasy’ and Roger Glover’s ‘Love Is All.’

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the real Arjen Lucassen. Job done. Having fun.
Just ordered, I am usually behind all Arjen projects except when @JanBakker reminds me, but I caught this one in advance.
US Dollars $72.74 to the door.
MP3 Download came in separate email. Will download when I get home, but already listened to the YouTube clip.
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Mine was due to arrive on Friday.
They entrusted Amazon to deliver it.

I got all the nice updates saying it was out for delivery etc and then nope we can't as the packaging is damaged.

Contacted Mascot customer service, got an email to say they are looking into it....impatiently waiting for their update.
My copy arrived USPS yesterday, with weird things.
1. Package cardboard, no bubble wrap or anything was destroyed including real big dent right in middle, but unbelieveably the art book was perfect, that was a miracle to me.
2. First time ever I recieved a new release with no plastic wrapping including no hype sticker, almost made me think I was getting a used copy?
3. Lower right was signed in silver pen by Arjen, cool, wasn't expecting that.

Now time to read and listen.
As I am used to Blu Rays these days, the DVD supplied in this release with it's grainy pictures is a knock.
I have a long ways to go, but first track is Deep Purple meets late 80's shredding guitar, cool.
I started with the DTS 5.1, ugh, hated it sonically.
Changed to Dolby Digital, much better.
Have to crank it to get the full body of flavor to come out.
Finished my read and listen.
Cool liner notes, happy bunch of guys.
Great release in 5.1. Certainly different than other Arjen albums I have. Big Big Hammond organ sound, sterling guitar (shredding) and vocals, great bass, would have loved to hear the drums a little more pronounced.
Cool songs, that really drive the ROCK home. Covers at end, whoa, awesome, Arjen doing Heard It On The X, how cool is that.
Can't wait to rip the 5.1 Dolby Digital and listen in the car, pushing 90 on the freeway.