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Rate the DTS DVD-V of Barclay James Harvest - "XII"

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Oct 31, 2008
Middle TN
Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2017 reissue of the Barclay James Harvest album "XII".
This reissue from Esoteric Records features a 5.1 surround mix of the album on DVD-V (NOT DVD-A/V as erroneously labeled on the packaging...) :rolleyes:

(n) :) (y)


I voted 8

Superb fidelity! Another album I was not familiar with and which I find uneven despite some lovely songs. The way the backing vocals are mixed in Harbour is simply superb. I also love the sound of opening guitar bit in Sip if Wine.

Fave tracks

Berlin (love the subtlety of the chimes)
In Search of England (once the center channel is lowered)
Science Fiction - Nova Lepidoptera
Giving It Up (again, once the center channel is lowered)
Fiction - The Streets of San Francisco

Another unfortunate title people haven't bothered commenting on.
Now they are repressing these old issues, it could possibly mean the end of the slow issue of BJH Surround albums. Real shame, there's still some gems waiting for the surround treatment.
Which titles would you like to see?
Well, two come to mind. The first always seems to be low on the general BJH's fans list is "Eyes of the Universe", and the other is "Ring of Changes", another that hardly gets mentioned.
"Ring...." had quite some push by the record company at the time of release, with nothing but positive things being said about the band, and i felt the album certainly lived up to everything said, but over the years it does appear to have dropped down the list somewhat.