Beatles 1+ Blu-Ray / DVD 5.1-channel surround audio on Nov 6, 2015


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Dec 14, 2005
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The Beatles website ( is counting down to an announcement concerning "Beatles 1". It has been long rumored that the Beatles 1 promo films would be released as a DVD/Blu-Ray compilation, as a companion to the compilation album.

The two questions are,

Will the DVD/Blu-Ray discs include a 5.1-channel track or just stereo (or just mono)?

If the compilation is in 5.1-channel surround sound, will the Apple 4 main shareholders force Abbey Road Studios to follow the original stereo mix (as what happened on MMT) or allow for a more free-range remix? Either way, it should be the cleanest audio release ever of any of these songs. At the very least we would have 96/24 uncompressed audio on the Blu-Ray disc.

Of course, it could be something else entirely but the design of the countdown clock makes me think this will be the Beatles 1 video compilation. Apparently, the announcement will be made this Tuesday, September 15, 2015.

I'm sure the Beatles will not be charging $25,000 for each copy of the Beatles 1 video! At least I hope not... :)
I'll get excited about this release once I actually know what it is, and if there is surround, I'll definitely get it, but I would hope Giles Martin is not the mixing engineer just cause his recent surround work for the Fab Four has left me wanting more.
Rumour has it that it is indeed a video comp with all surround, stereo and mono sound tracks options...
Assuming it is in surround, even a big-stereo presentation similar to MMT would be welcome as the tracks will be hi-res. However, I would hope that we will get more aggressive mixes especially with the later material.
For as famous as it is, that's kinda crazy that the "White Album" didn't have a #1.
I would have guessed Life Goes On or Revolution, maybe.

They preferred issuing singles independently. Most of their biggest hits did not appear on any of their original LPs.
That's true. Those songs were the exceptions. They felt issuing singles from albums was a bit of a cop out to the fans. It was also still very much a singles-driven market and there was constant pressure for steady releases. Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields were recorded during the Sgt. Pepper sessions but since those sessions were taking an unusually long time for that era they were issued as a single prior to Pepper to avoid a release drought. In fact no singles at all were taken from Pepper. Their next single, All You Need is Love/Baby You're a Rich Man, was out only a month after Pepper's release. I still find it fascinating that the Day Tripper/We Can Work it Out single was issued the same day as the Rubber Soul LP! They did not cheat the fans.
Don't forget Paperback Writer / Rain from the Revolver sessions. Also I Feel Fine / She's a Woman from Beatles For Sale sessions. None of those were on an LP. Imagine if Sgt. Pepper had included Penny Lane or Strawberry Fields instead of When I'm 64.

Abbey Road broke the mold due to Allen (De)Kllein's management decisions and the lack of the band wanting to record together again.

Although without the Let It Be single, You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) would have been held until the 1990s. That's one of my favorites.

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Always amazed me that this group had a stream of double A-side singles. And yet they still could have gleaned many more singles from the album-only tracks. Also, two of the songs taken from Let It Be as singles (Get Back and Let It Be) are somewhat different than the album versions. We got bonus tracks before the concept was even invented!


All remixed content. :) No mention of surround yet.
I am puzzled again...on another thread I was talking about Jeff Lynne's poor decision to not offer the recent ELO blu ray in surround...and as one member mentioned even the stereo version was poor..and now here he is involved in mixing 2 tracks on this Beatle project...I wish he cared enough about his own music to get more involved...