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Jul 9, 2015
San Mateo CA
Hi, I am writing this basically in response to another QQ members suggestion.

"Take advantage of that amazon return policy and get something besides Beats. 😬"

Not sure as to why the suggestion did not come with a reason why.

Anyway, back to me, I purchased these Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones for a few very significant reasons. As you all know I am a big gearhead and like trying things for myself rather than have a internet forum dictate to me what and why, but use the forum as guidance.
On my recent trip to the South on my musical journey, I was first annoyed with my iPad and wired earbuds on the plane, this needs a change.
I like the idea of noise cancelling because the planes interior can be quite loud.
The next reason as a gearhead I have been dying to experience what Spatial Audio sounds like via iPhone listening.
Finally the big push was the most awesome Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Muscle Shoals Alabama also home of Fame Studios was in a dyer straits, fallling apart.
Our tour director told us how Dr. Dre donated 1 milllion dollars to refurbish the studio and have it back open for tours and recording sessions which is happening now.
Thank you Dr. Dre and with that I would like to buy a pair of your headphones.
My new Beats Studio 3 came in flawless packaging, the most easiest bluetooth startup I have ever witnessed, one button push and instant ready, came with a 100% charge. Comes wired or wireless, noise cancelling, Spatial Audio ready.
When I play Apple music in the garage when working on the hot rod my Apple songs don't show the Dolby Atmos signal with the bluetooth rig in the garage, but with these headphones it does.
Now the big test, can I hear a version of surround sound through the use of these headphones, oh my, yes I can, kind of sounds like all the advertising I have read over the years, a little bubble of sound on top of your head, front and back, actually a little weird to be honest.
Not equal to the home rig, but certainly cool.
I have never been a headphone user, even though I have an audiophile pair of Sennheiser wired headphones for the home rig, but they just don't interest me.
As a gearhead I am not sure how many times I will actually use these new Beats, most likely when I am working or washing the hot rod, or at the gym, but I am really glad I bought them. Sure by choosing a pair of Beats I am supporting an alredy gizillionaire, but thanks again from Muscle Shoals.
A few pictures below from our trip to Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.



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