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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2018 Multichannel SACD release from Dutton Vocalion of the classic George Benson album "Body Talk".
This Multichannel SACD release contains the original 1970s Quadraphonic mix, remastered and released for the first time in over 40 years! :eek:


1: DANCE (Benson; Ellis)
2: WHEN LOVE HAS GROWN (Hathaway; McDaniels)
3: PLUM (Benson)
4: BODY TALK (Benson)
5: TOP OF THE WORLD (Benson)

George Benson (lead guitar)
Earl Klugh (guitar)
Frank Foster (tenor sax)
Harold Mabern (electric piano)
Ron Carter (acoustic bass)
Gary King (bass guitar)
Jack DeJohnette (drums)
Mobutu (percussion)
Jon Faddis, John Gatchell, Waymon Reed (trumpets/flugelhorns)
Gerald Chamberlain, Dick Griffin (trombones)

Remastered from the original analogue tapes by Michael J. Dutton

Multi-ch Stereo
All tracks available in stereo and multi-channel

This hybrid CD can be played on any standard CD players

Really good disc. I've had this album for years, and it's my favorite George Benson CTI. Fidelity is great.
Talk about discrete! Fabulous quad mix. I'm so used to the stereo mix, the quad almost sounds like a different album (a good thing).
I will be first to give it a 10, Great content, surround mix and fidelity. This has what I like in surround, different parts of the music playing in different speakers for a true surround experience. The music is certainly easy listening for that early morning late evening vibe. My wife liked it, that made the 10 a no brainer.
Fidelity: slick Creed Taylor production, crisply remastered. 10
Content: well...it is what it is. Great, funky, Pee Wee Ellis arrangements; impeccable musicianship; a handful of solos that are both pyrotechnic and tasteful. But jazz-wise, the writing is uneven at best. 7
Surround mix: crazy discrete, but sometimes distractingly so, especially in the rears, which seem loud to me. Mobutu's isolated congas in the LR are a kick at first, but they get tiresome over the course of the album. 8

So "8" on the whole. But man, this album takes me back: I still remember fondling my older brother's copy of the glossy gatefold LP. Beautiful graphic design.
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