Birdsong At Morning-A Slight Departure July 26th


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Here's something that I think should make many of us very happy as a release from another band that is going the surround route.
An interview with a bit of information on the band and Alan from the band mentions a surround is on the way:

I have written to birdsong email address and Alan says it is true a surround is on the way and its release date will be July 26th.
Here's Alan's response:

"The actual release date will be July 26. It will be available through CD Baby, and from our website. I'd be thrilled to have you announce on the QQ site."

Here's the bands website:

Here's a few songs to check out their sound:

and if you only check out one song from this band you have to check out this song as its got a bit of everything in it as I am a sucker for cool string sections added in songs and this song has got that in spades and has a subtle Led Zep Kashmirish vibe to the beginning and end of song and strong lead vocals throughout and I really love the harmonies a couple of minutes into the song. This is very cool and could sound killer in surround:
Wow, that is just excellent..... :)

Totally agree, did not know anything about this band till very recently checking them out but I think this is a release that will surprise many people in a good way.
Taking this from their facebook and agree with this statement:

"Birdsong At Morning, the creation of guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Alan Williams, makes hauntingly beautiful music. The recordings are rich in detail and color"

here's a neat article I found on Alan Williams:

Hi all,

Yes, we are scrappy little band with big sonic vision... We have a Blu-ray edition of our album coming out on July 26. 5.1 mixes at 24/96 in LCPM and DTS-HD, Stereo at 24/96 LCPM, Instrumental Mixes at 24/96 LCPM, there music videos, and a 40 minute film with me talking about the writing and recording of each song.

As a fan of surround audio, I wanted to emulate some of the recordings that have inspired me, and though we will lose a TON of money on this, I also felt that there might be an audience of like-minded listeners who might get into the music through the surround audio fanbase. Many of the arrangements were conceived for surround from the outset, so it was a joy to get to craft 5.1 mixes that reflected the original conception. The audio was mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering, and the disc was authored by Neil Wilkes at Opus Productions.

I hope to see more self-funded artists explore the creative possibilities of high-resolution, multi-channel audio. Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Alan Willilams
Birdsong At Morning
Great to meet you Alan. I found your music simply excellent and I'm quite sure it will sound stunning in surround. Thanks for stopping by. I sent the youtube link to my 24 year old son and he absolutely loved it. We all look forward to this release and it's an easy buy for me.
Once again I was lucky enough to do QC on the authoring of the disc. Another special treat for sure. Tasty surround mixing and really great performances and tunes. Highly recommended!
i checked out some samples from band's site. mixed bag of genres, few tracks remind me the 90's Collective Soul which i like.
some way off of my preferences, kind of too pop in general. soundwise, it can't be judged given mp3 format used but stereo
mixes sounds very well balanced and retained good dynamic.
is this release will be distributed through amazon?
To add to Bob Romano's earlier comments about our QC on this album, I really enjoyed this disc in terms of the fresh musical arrangements of great SONGS overall, the clever videos as well as the insights to writing these songs. What a bargain for all that is included. Looking forward to also having a RBCD for my wife to enjoy.
Had a listen :cool: Ordered :upthumb

A nice price even with the $/£ at present! No Postage to the UK was added when ordering, was that correct?
I keep my minds in jars...............

:yikes ;)


So grateful for everyone's support in placing orders for the Blu-ray. But as many of you noted, there was a problem with the website checkout and shipping charges were not included. I have refunded everyone's money, and cancelled the orders. The site is working properly now, so if you place the order, you will be charged for the shipping costs. I apologize for the error, and recognize that shipping costs to Europe will significantly increase the price. But as you can imagine, if I didn't charge for shipping, I would be losing several dollars on every order (the mark-up for the product is VERY low). I know that's how Factory Records got it's start (losing money on every copy of New Order's "Blue Monday" 12" single), but I just don't have that kind of capital to burn...