Bob James - ONE 5.1 SACD [Not Surround]


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Elroy, did you get the actual disc already? If so, I wonder why they wouldn't want it returned.
Sounds like they mean just the pre-order being refunded & canceled.
I received mine a few days ago & just sent it back today to ' Deep Discount'. No hassles from them, they emailed me a return label ASAP.
You know, this has got to be a fiasco for all vendors with so many returns/ cancelations 😕
Yes, I had received the disc and saw the Stereo-only sticker, so I went QQ and discovered where the error was and went to Amazon, fully expecting to have to ship it back for refund but as you can see below...

I had to ship mine back, but got a refund a few minutes after the Post Office generated the label!
Anyone compare the sound quality of the new stereo SACD with the original CD?

Kirk Bayne
Hey Guys,

Evosound is releasing a new Bob James album called "Feel Like Making LIVE!" out on Jan 28th and it will be available in five different physical formats: 180gram Limited Numbered orange double vinyl LP, SACD, MQA-CD, MQA-CD + blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray. The hybrid SACD includes the DSD stereo and 5.1 surround sound for the ultimate sound quality experience. The live in-the-studio recording was stylishly filmed in 4K and recorded in high resolution audio and is available in Ultra HD blu-ray, which includes immersive sound with Dolby Atmos in Dolby TrueHD and Auro 3D. Bonus tracks and in-depth interviews are included. The music will also be available in uncompressed stereo at 96kHz / 24bit stereo formats.

They've also released Fourplay - Fourplay 30th Anniversary album (MQA-CD and SACD) on Dec 17th 2021, with the LP being released on the Jan 14th 2021. Been hearing a lot of good things about this one! :cool: They've remastered the album using hi-resolution digital transfers from the original analogue master tapes and manufactured it in the formats of MQA-CD, hybrid SACD, 2 x 180g vinyl LP and Hi-Res digital. The hybrid SACD plays on both SACD and regular CD players, as a multi-channel hybrid SACD including a 5.1 surround mix. A previously unreleased long version of ‘After The Dance’ is included as a bonus track (only available in stereo). A previously unreleased long version of ‘After The Dance’ is included as a bonus track in the MQA-CD. The MQA-CD plays on all CD players. When a conventional CD player is connected to a MQA-enabled device, the CD will reveal the original master quality. The 180g 2LP will be available in limited numbered blue vinyl and non-limited black vinyl versions.
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