Burn out - and finding the joy in Quad again


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I just picked up my rebuilt Marantz 4215 ( it has the SQA1 module the RC4 remote). I don't have (yet?) the Marantz CD4 demodulator. This one has a gorgeous walnut cabinet... but it looks tiny compared to...

...the Akai AS980 which was redone, picked up, about a month ago. That one has all the decoders built in. It just doesn't exude the luxo feel of the Marantz.

So now I got two beautiful units, but no way to play Quad unless I set up my old Sony EP9ES into quad mode and decode stuff through it via the AUX inputs.

Oh, the 4215 has the 'dimension' control which generates an ersatz surround field.
Without pictures, it never happened. ;)
Without pictures, it never happened. ;)
Hmm, it's a 4415.. I also got a 2325... fully rebuilt...

I got pictures going back to 1999 - the year I lost both the hard drives that contained the pictures from 96 to 99... the rest are 35 mm.... in two big boxes.

So, these are just something I found... don't ask me to keep looking for more
1) 2325 board after (during?) repairs
2) 2325 after repairs
3) CD400B.
4) Part of the closet... if you look at the upper left... hmm... the Marantz wired remote! Check out the Akai at the botttom, below the CJ MF2100. See those bags on top of the Sansui? Those are the parts that came out of the units... I kept the old parts as proof of the repairs.
5) Testing the 4415 after the rebuild. Notice the remote! It's good to have a big table to test these things. ;-)

All of those units have been restored... OK, not the Sony video stuff nor the Parasounds nor the Akai quad reel to reel you can barely see on top. That one got restored about 12 years ago, the rest in '21/'22.

There... happy now? Do I need to post the pictures of the Aleph amps, the F4, F5, ACAs, ACA Mini, NADs, etc, etc...? How about our dog? WOOF! WOOF!


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Yep, that's better.
No need for the dog, specially since your weren't talking about her/him. But feel free to show us if you like. ;)

I love the dog.... 14 years old... I trimmed his hair a little bit after those pictures.


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Marantz made some nice looking equipment. Always a sucker for the blue light on black.

Yep, when I rebuilt my Marantz receivers we used incandescent lamps, they look a lot better than any LED.

In the 4415 we used somewhat lower intensity lamps as the velum looked like it was being starting to be worn out by the heat, you can't tell the difference.

Those models with the row of buttons in the black screen are the best looking, IMHO. The 2325 looks like a 747.