Can AnyDVD back-up DVD-A's and remove their encryption?


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Yea - I found this out yesterday when I was going to rip the blu ray of Robin Trower "Bridges of Sighs". I also went to the Redfox website on my laptop and iphone and - it can't be found, unable to connect to server. Now need new software to decrypt blu rays for ripping (for personal use). Any suggestions?

I just used MakeMKV on "Bridge of Sighs" followed by ImgBurn to make an ISO file. Slower than AnyDVD, but functional.
DVDFab ripped BOS perfectly for me.

Thanks you guys!

I did what Pat suggested, and using MakeMKV and then mkvtoolnix I was able to get individual numbered mkv tracks. Then I used JRiverMC and loaded the mkv files and converted to FLAC (or WAV) for use in ROON music software. I looked up and labeled tracks via the Super Deluxe Edition website and Discogs.

In Makemkv, at the Preferences - Integration, I checked the Windows 32 & 64 boxes, then restarted my laptop, to see if by chance it would integrate DVD Audio Extractor simply using the disc. This didn't work.

Next I will try Mark's method of selecting Backup from the File menu and backing up the entire disc, then running DVD Audio Extractor on the disc file as the source folder, and see if this works! Hopefully!

Also what's nifty now I've learned how to easily rip the music tracks in mkv from Dolby Atmos blu rays. Currently, as I have a Kaleidescape system with a DV-700 disc vault, I have all of my Dolby Atmos music discs in the vault, and I play them via one of my Kaleidescape Alto blu ray players (music is streamed from the vault, via hardwired ethernet, to the Alto and then out HDMI to a surround sound processor). My vault is at capacity and I have wanted to simply rip the Dolby Atmos music when its only blu ray audio with no appreciable video to a portable SSB drive, which plugs into one of my blu ray players which will play via USB.

Hopefully AnyDVD HD will come back. But if it does, as I have a lifetime license, I bet a "new company" doesn't honor the lifetime license (this happened back in 2015-2016 once before) and will require brand new payment for a lifetime license. So assuming Mark's method works I'll probably just continue in that fashio;n.

Again, thanks everyone.
WOW! I did the backup of the new Robin Trower "Bridge of Sighs" blu ray to my laptop SSD (not a HDD), took maybe 25 minutes, then ran DVD Audio Extractor using that file folder and bam, worked fine. And like you said, very fast, ripped the 5.1 album in a few minutes!!!! No need to ever go back to AnyDVD HD! YEA!
in time i have problem to get flac from DVD-Audio.
If i open DVD-A or an ISO from DVD-A
DVDAE opened it and shows me that there is a MLP track
but if i start programm flac size in destination folder is only a few KB.
in time i have problem to get flac from DVD-Audio.
If i open DVD-A or an ISO from DVD-A
DVDAE opened it and shows me that there is a MLP track
but if i start programm flac size in destination folder is only a few KB.
Probably helpful to mention the disc's name title.
I tried 4 disc and no one was OK
David Gray a new day at midnight
Heinz Rudolf Kunze Dabei sein ist Alles
and this two i`ve done to flac last year and now by fail
Mickey Hart Best off
R.E.M. Out of Time
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AnyDVD was working, i must turn it off. Any was not in contact with server, side is down, but if i start PC, anyDVD wants to work
Not sure if this has been answered already (and may be a stupid question), but here goes:
If I backup my DVD-Audio discs to ISO files (using Anydvd), what can I do with the ISO file?
I know I can rip the DVD-A discs directly to FLAC (and other formats) using DVD Audio Extractor, but what about ISO files of the same disc?
Foobar will play the DVD-Audio directly from the iso, but you'll have to install the DVD-Audio plugin.
When I had AnyDVD HD on my Windows 11 laptop, on occasion ripping a DVD-Audio disc, DVD Audio Extractor wouldn't rip or would rip a tiny file size. Uninstalled AnyDVD HD and DVD-Audio discs ripped fine. Otherwise I've never had an issue ripping DVD Audio discs with DVD Audio Extractor over the years and I've ripped many of them.