Can you store 5.1/High-Rez music files on your Android, and play them back in 5.1 if your car supports surround?


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Mar 1, 2020
Raleigh, NC
I've got a nice SanDisk 4TB USB drive that works great in my new TLX. But i also remembered my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with 1TB of storage. Can I store and play 5.1 media on my Android as well? Would it play using Android Auto and using a media app like Pulsar or even Spotify? Would the 5.1 media play over the car's Bluetooth option (and not use Android Auto)? when i plug in my SanDisk, i use the USB Media option in the TLX to play media on that device. I'm wondering if that option would work when my phone is plugged in via USB? Curious if anyone has any thoughts/experiences? Got a lot of experimenting to do but appreciate any info others have learned with their cars.