CD-4 Bass vs. Q4 vs. D-V releases (of same title)


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It has been observed that the low frequency response of a CD-4 quad disc is somewhat diminished in quad playback. However, we cannot verify this observation in any existing CD-4 literature.

My own experience is inconclusive, I bought the Cat Stevens Greatest Hits CD-4 and played "Another Saturday Night" on a Magnavox console stereo (in Stereo of course), the Bass wasn't as loud as the Stereo version played on FM radio at the time.

Anyone checked a CD-4 title with the same title on Q4 or D-V MCH SACD to see if the Bass amplitude on the CD-4 disc is about the same as on the other formats?

Kirk Bayne
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I feel it varies. To me, it depended on how much engineering thought bass was going to interfere with carrier integrity. That and absolute recording/cutting levels.

I know the Doors greatest hits CD-4 has reduced bass output compared to the regular stereo versions on stereo LPs. Others seem to be the same or close. "Sundown" for instance. Doobie Brothers CD-4s too. I guess "Cat Steven's Greatest Hits" sounds pretty good to me.

I also have reached the conclusion that early CD-4 engineering was too cautions in this regard.