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Mar 24, 2018
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I voted 10. I was hesitant to purchase this as I have always thought of Kiss as a cartoon band, but as I have gotten older, I appreciate the music as some is great.
This box set has everything you need and comes nicely done, good size, produced well. My review is for the ATMOS mix done by Steven Wilson.
Atmos Blu Ray: My listen was the ripped MKV file using JRiver as the player. 5 speakers on floor and 4 heights. The ripped file was a 24/48 MKV Video file. DR's are 11, 12's, 13's, 15. My listening volume was 79db.
I was more than happy with SW's remix. Happy to say he nailed it. This Atmos mix is in your face, loud, immersive and many times very discrete. You will notice this right off with Detroit Rock City, with the radio dialogue starting off in stereo and then the car motor fires up, wham all speakers in full and song ends with car crash all around swirling.
The 4 heights are in constant use with a very strong signal. Some songs the 4 heights will drop down but always remain immersive and when they take off there are many great discrete moments in the heights. The center channel is primarily vocals which is very much a SW style.
The lower foundation speakers are of course full on, with many discrete, circling and back and forth moments.
The Blu Ray Atmos has two additional tracks 11 & 12 that are Beth acoustic and Sweet Pain original guitar solo both in Atmos and both really good.
This is not a cartoon mix; this mix is the real thing.
Sonics: My rig has 3 subs tuned specifically to fill out the entire low end. That said, I can see where Jim's post above me commented on the weak bass, yes, a little on the light side. Overall, it sounds like Kiss and the way Kiss wants to sound. Strong midrange with light highs and lows.
The song Track 9, Do You Love Me starts off with big drums, but I wanted those drums to sound really big, but they just don't sound really big.

I have no problem recommending this box set for purchase. In the world of box sets this entire box is done right. Proof again, if SW does the remix, buy it, no matter.

Glad to see someone put in a full review!! ThanksšŸ‘šŸ˜
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