Console: Zenith Allegro Allemande Model F946AE quad Console


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Yes, it will do. This is just the kitchen system anyway. An excuse to have a second quad system. And a rare conversation piece.
Some pictures of the inside for your viewing pleasure. :)












I finally got the 8-Track going in the Zenith Quadraphonic console. That has to be The most difficult 8-Track player repair I've ever done. The track change mechanism was messed up and I had to dig really deep to get it fixed. Every time I thought it was fixed it messed up again.

Good news for my Zenith Quadraphonic console. I got the idler wheel back from Terry's Rubber Rollers and installed it tonight. The Zenith Microtouch branded BSR changer is back in business. I must say, he did a fantastic job on the idler wheel rubber and it was exactly what The doctor ordered. No more slipping. I already have cleaned and re-lubed everything, including the motor. I also installed a replacement stylus which tightened up the sound a good bit. When I got it, the platter was seized up. The cycling gear was seized up. The motor was seized up. The idler tire was worn and dried out. The stylus was well worn. The BSR changers may never have been the best turntable, but it's neat to finally creators one to perfectly functioning. First time fixing an idler.





I found the console but no rear speakers. Is it really worth getting? I have a great stereo console now and would have to get rid of it in order to have room for ths one.......been wanting one of these for a while now though........I hate dilemmas!

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I bought one of these Zenith F947P Quad Consoles new in the 1970s. Today I have it in my garage with two pairs of rear external speakers, one pair is the original pair that came with the console, the other pair I was able to find on ebay (albeit badly refinished but speakers were good). I had planned to refinish the second pair and have four separate standing speakers for each of the four channels (the internal console speakers are much too close for separation). Sadly I never got around to it and moved on to newer technologically current audio gear.

It is amazing how well this Zenith this sounded when used it with a Technics SL-1650 direct drive automatic changer, Grado and Audio Technica CD-4 cartridges, Teac A3040S and JVC KD3030 cassette deck. The two matrix amp settings were crap but the amp and speakers were decent; better than many component systems in its price range. Sometimes when I'd go to local southern California stereo stores and told that this was my quad system, they'd frown. I'd dismiss them are arrogant and uninformed because they never heard one. It surprisingly sounded a heck of a lot better than most quad receiver and speaker systems they had for hundreds of dollars more.

It still works and is in excellent condition for its age, but yes, it takes a lot of space. I have dragged it from place to place since high school.

Ed in San Diego
I particularly loved the helpful label.....


rather implies it's something they thought you might have to do regularly, but good to know you can leave the power on when replacing any of the other components!
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I kinda wish I hada bought that console. But, I never use the one I have much anyways. About the only time I have it on is when I'm working on something on the bench. I have my QRX-7001 that developed a 60 cycle hum, so I'll a few hours of listening soon.....
I may have once told my story of how I once had a chance to buy one of these quad consoles at a church sale for mere peanuts. I had no space for it and no one willing to store it for me. It was in beautiful and working condition with rear speakers. I hate to think what happened to it cause no one bought it. :( Well since then I've vowed to get one. I finally got part of it. I found the rear speakers and spent more than I would have spent on the whole package and needs a little cosmetic work. They are in nice working condition and I imagine it is harder to find these than the consoles which will probably have parted from them. Now to find the Console.

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My sad old phone pics of the one that got away.

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Completely worthlessly blurry ones.

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I have one for sale in excellent shape