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I had translate the promo blurb for the Sonic Leaks album to English, see below.

While do not ship outside the EU, I would expect to stock it as well, just like they did with Mister Moto (I bought it from them in November), and their overseas shipping quotes are hopefully still more than reasonable. Another vendor worth checking might be Pure Audio Recordings.

Reference release 3D audio album with deep house, pop and electro music in Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 and Auro-3D

The Silent Work duo presents their first blu-ray album 'Sonic Leaks', a true sonic gem in 3D audio.

Olaf Strassen and Lasse Nipkow have created an enormously creative album, which now in combination with the new 3D sound formats Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D guarantees a unique musical experience to date. The songs have been perfectly composed for the use of the 3D sound formats and then elaborately realized.

Musically, the album includes styles from deep house to pop and electro, EDM, but also quieter, atmospheric songs. Silent Work works with various singers, but also use AI and sample-based engines, which means that in some songs no human sings, but a computer-generated voice. The result is impressive.

Anna Smith, an outstanding and successful Swiss singer, sings three songs on the album and enchants with her delicate timbre.

The production is based on a number of technical innovations and 3D audio specific software tools that are responsible for the exceptional sound of the album. This runs through from the miking during the vocal recordings with a 5-channel setup consisting of Neumann large-diaphragm microphones, to the use of upmix processors from Illusonics and the impulse response-based reverb processor 'Roomenizer' from Pinguin Ing.Büro Hamburg.

The album was fine-tuned by award-winning sound engineers Stefan Bock and David Merkl from MSM Studios, and Grammy-nominated producer and CEO of New Audio Technology Tom Ammermann.

Patrick Schappert, owner of GROBI.TV in Kaarst near Düsseldorf, Germany, facilitated the realization of the 3D audio Blu-ray and distributes the disc. "When I was sent two songs from Silent Work to listen to, I was completely hooked after the first few seconds. I then called Lasse directly and asked if he had any more songs and that we absolutely had to release them," says Patrick Schappert, who sells hi-fi technology for 3D sound reproduction to end consumers through his company GROBI.TV. "With this Blu-ray disc in PureAudio format, we want to present and demonstrate the enormous possibilities of 3D sound formats to all producers in the music industry and, of course, to the end consumer."

The duo Silent Work has been in existence since 1989, with Olaf Strassen being the man at the synthesizers, samplers, groove boxes and with the musical ideas. Lasse Nipkow is the man of research, studio engineering, psychoacoustics and Olaf's strictest critic. So the two have spent years perfecting their musical sound.

"The high spatial resolution of current 3D audio sound formats leads to the auditory illusion of being in the recording room when played back through loudspeakers. My audiences almost always close their eyes during playback of acoustic recordings and can hardly get out of their amazement," reports Lasse Nipkow, who regularly gives 3D audio workshops around the world. "The potential for new, unprecedented sound experiences is huge, because the plastic-looking results can also be achieved for music with synthetic sounds," he continues.

Since PureAudio was chosen as the disc format, the listener can also switch to stereo playback during playback. A difference that always causes astonished faces, since one would not actually believe before that stereo sounds so "limited" and "flat".

The Pure Audio disc is available from 28.10.2022 at and can be played via any Blu-ray player and a corresponding Dolby Atmos or Auro3D system. In addition, there is a stereo version and a 5.1 track on the Pure Audio.
Arrived today...playing it now...this is very, very good 👍
looks luvverly 💘 did you get it from Marek's jpc link?
I sure did Adam...I reckoned it was going to be good, so I ordered one for my brother, as well. This is demonstration quality, Adam ...wonderful. When I saw that Stefan Bock is involved, I had every confidence in this release, especially as it's bought with no prior listening.

It's music is like an updated style similar in some ways, to Lichmond.

If that's the type of music you like then I can whole heartedly recommend this album...

And if you don't like it...I still recommend it 😉 👌
I sure did Adam...I reckoned it was going to be good, so I ordered one for my brother, as well. This is demonstration quality, Adam ...wonderful. When I saw that Stefan Bock is involved, I had every confidence in this release, especially as it's bought with no prior listening.
faaaanxmaaaatei'llgetroightonitttt!! 😋😘
A new release from Germany:

Dave McKendry - HumanBeingKind
RD: October 7th
CD+BD-V with both Dolby Atmos + Auro-3D
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“HumanBeingKind” is the debut album by Irish singer-songwriter Dave McKendry.
The Deluxe Edition contains the album incl. bonus tracks on Pure Audio Blu-ray incl. music videos and an interview, as well as a CD audio.

Pre-order: in Atmos:
Acoustic version also on Apple in Atmos