Dolby Atmos Upmixing on the Streaming Services (Unacceptable!)


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Really disappointing. I heard there were a bunch of singles that went up on Tidal, as well as the new album "But Here We Are" - what's the other one?

I know there's a couple studio albums that were officially released in surround (One By One on DVD-A, In Your Honour Disc 2 on DVD, Sonic Highways sort of, as the songs are on the Bluray of the show, but it's apparently not a discrete mix, just a 4.1 almost enhanced stereo) along with a lot of live stuff (Skin & Bones, Hyde Park, Everywhere But Home, Live At Wembley, iTunes Festival (possibly?), the Studio 606 performance of Wasting Light), but outside of "But Here We Are" (which I've seen mixed reviews on - some people say all the surround mixes are BS, others say it's only the RA360, others still say the Atmos mix is better, but still not good), I don't know of any that are officially released on streaming.

'In Your Honor' Disc 2 is a discrete mix and done decent. I've never gotten through it completely because it puts me to sleep. It's a lullaby album that works amazingly well. I haven't listened to the live albums.

'But Here We Are' - the Apple Music Atmos mix is discrete and completely different than the 360RA mix. Whether it's "good" or not, I'll let everyone argue about that. :cool: Hard Rock seems difficult to produce a good multi-channel mix. I still haven't heard one that I've fallen in love with, but I think it's a fault of the genre, not the engineers. The 'Ghost' albums are probably my favorite, that would be considered Hard Rock.
Thread resurrection - Trivium is the Featured Artist on Apple Music. 6 albums magically appeared. I spot checked 3 albums - it's all fake. It's actually worse than fake, it's not even an upmix with reverb added, etc. There's no center channel and the rears are just quieter L/R channels.

I think it's safe to say there is zero quality control with these fake mixes. No checks by either human or computer - no nothing - and to make on the "Featured Artist" page - it's laughable.