DRAWING - Ray Conniff


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Apr 23, 2013
Central Illinois
I just received my 4 Dutton Vocalion discs that I had ordered 13 days ago. Yay!!

But, much to my surprise, one that I ordered....I already have. Ugh....
So, I think I will give this away to a lucky winner in the US only please. I can't afford to ship elsewhere as funds are tight these days. Also, I figure if you live in the UK, you should be buying these from DV anyway....... :)

That said, if you are from Canada and want to pay for shipping (minus $2.75 which is what it will cost me to ship in the US)....you can play along.

This is an unopened copy of Ray Conniff (And the Singers): The Happy Sound Of Ray Conniff & Love Story
CDLK 4624

Link to Dutton Vocalion and the Conniff title


Post in this thread that you want to be part of this drawing, and your post number will be your chance. I'll let this go a week or 2 and see where we're at. If there are less than 7 members participating, I will withdraw my offer. This is your chance to hear what DV is doing in case you don't know.
Im in...open to new for me / old quad music

Will have to check out who ray conniff is...did he have any radio hits in the way back machine???
I am waiting on my first Dutton Vocalion order. I have 4 discs coming with the one that finally made me do it the Chase. I would love to hear the Ray Coniff, because I heard most of those albums growing up In Stereo on The Console when my parents had people over for bridge. Please add me to the list. Scott