Dutton Epoch June 2020 SACD Surround Sound Classical Releases


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A rousing performance from the baton of Maestro Leonard Bernstein. As ubertrout suggests ...... robust and full bodied. Recording is superb but not discrete...reminicient of Bernstein's Mahler recordings released as multi~ch SACDs by SONY Japan [ambient rears]

Sometimes in our quest for discrete Classical Music recordings, we overlook some of Dutton Epoch's superb [ambience only] original multichannel SACDs . One such disc, just released this year, is a double bill with Parisian born Anton Simon and French born composer/pianist Cécile Chaminade, who was justly praised by Georges Bizet for her compositional skills.

Today I received my June 2020 DUTTON order package (The Firebird/Rite of Spring and Also Sprach Zarathustra/Organ Symphony)
First I listened to the stereo programmes. Just as I expected - gorgeous! Both discs.
The quadraphonic mixes have to wait till tomorrow.
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Based on the recommendations in this thread, I just ordered:

Leopold Stokowski/London Symphony Orchestra - Stokowski conducts Bach: The Great Transcriptions & Wagner: Brünnhilde's Immolation
IGOR STRAVINSKY • The Firebird & The Rite of Spring
EUGENE ORMANDY CONDUCTS Also Sprach Zarathustra & SAINT-SAËNS • Symphony No. 3
Pierre Boulez Conducts Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra

Thanks everyone!
In Firebird of Boulez, the place where the trumpet of the 11th song flew around was interesting.
I couldn't quite understand it on the SQ 4ch of Mehta's Rite of Spring, but I was able to confirm the front and back battle with SACD multi of Dutton.
Die Tote Stadt of Erich Leinsdorf was also good.
Just saw these, excellent news!

I'm personally very excited for another full opera release, so Die tote Stadt had to be mine. I have yet to buy La bohème (it was in my cart when I logged in) but as funds are tight, I opted only for the new Korngold release, which is a blind buy for me.

Then, it was a matter of which other title to get for an even number of ordered items, and it was between the Stravinsky and the Ormandy discs. In the end, I chose the Stravinsky, again a blind buy, though of course, I've heard both pieces by others before.

Can't wait to get the discs.

After they shipped on June 30th, I received these two titles today, in perfect condition. Can't wait to give them a listen!
Thanks for this "buyer's guide"--a real public service!

Simply based on what we've heard from the same conductors on Dutton so far, I'm especially looking forward to the Bartok, Haydn, and Stravinsky discs. I'd like to have gotten the Bernstein Rite, too, but I've heard a good SQLP decode of the Mehta, and it's a powerful performance with a fairly active mix. I'll dutifully include the Ormandy in my cart, as this piece from the Guardian piques my interest in the Saint-Saens organ symphony. The Korngold opera may be a harder sell, but I like Korngold's violin concerto on Challenge and his "Much Ado About Nothing" suite on Vox. YouTube has the full opera.

In anticipation of the new batch of Dutton Epochs, I'm finally unwrapping some of the last batch that I'd never gotten around to, including Korngold's Die tote Stadt. First impressions, half an hour in: I'm really liking it! The recording was produced and supervised by Charles Gerhardt. It's a beautiful, crisp recording with the singers discretely recorded and plenty of instrumental separation, too, with the lower registers of the orchestra often panned to the rears. I'm not a huge opera fan, but I love almost all the great variety that's happening in European classical music ca. 1920, and I agree with Gerhardt's assessment in the (lavish and extensive) liner notes that the prominence of the orchestral music makes this piece as much "symphonic poem" as opera. This is a real sleeper.