Dutton Vocalion April 2019 Surround Sound SACD (Tomita's Firebird)


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The shipping direct from them hasn’t been a problem for me, the important thing is to support them the best we can. I did email them awhile back suggesting they add music samples to their site. I might buy more of their Classical and other titles unknown to me with just a hint of what the music sounds like.

why not live a little Mister Pupster and take "a deep dive" like da man Dutton says on dee site! try it, you might like it.. and flip it if ye don't! :SB 💦
why not live a little Mister Pupster and take "a deep dive" like da man Dutton says on dee site! try it, you might like it.. and flip it if ye don't! :SB 💦

Flippidy floppin’ Snoodler, by cracky you’ve struck the MOTHERLOAD and it’s showering us all with Golden treasures of the finest Quad man or beast has ever heard:QQlove
I finally pulled the trigger on Tomita's Firebird and added a bunch of RBCDs from D~V's Winter Sale. For those that might be interested in dipping their toes into EPOCH'S Classical fare, D~V is offering a FREE RBCD sampler [with your order] https://www.duttonvocalion.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=CDSPA2008

I also inquired in the remarks section whether D~V did indeed have a QUAD SACD Sampler as one poster suggested they did have.
Ordered May 5, arrived today!

Sounds amazing! Although I think I might like the Ravel album a bit better? Need to play it a couple of more times.

Do we have a poll for this one yet?
Mine arrived today, too. Ordered on May 3. Ripped the files but probably won't get to listen to it until Saturday.
had a feeling in me water today would be the day of the next batch/release announcement .. ahh well, maybe tomorrow? maybe next week..!? or the week after that! could be a flaming June Firebird Brexit batch of doooooom..!! :unsure: 🧐😬 🙏

Finally secured my QUAD SACD of Tomita's luscious FIREBIRD and 6 D~V RBCDs [at £..99 each, including my freebie Vocalion Classical Sampler] and I must say, Michael Dutton's remastering of even the RBCDs is top shelf. Worry not, Adam, the day will come none too soon and you'll have some newly remastered QUADS to spin on your trusty Universal player.
My Vocalion discs just came, Firebird, the Chet Atkins and the free classical sampler. Haven't listened yet. I'm a little surprised still no new release announcements but I just got a shipping notice for Futurama so I'll have plenty to listen to.
Just ordered the Weather Report Tale Spinnin’, Tomita Firebird, and the Boulez Bartok SACDs from D-V. Thought I might pick up either the Derringer or Guess Who, but I went anti-rock with this purchase.
Damn, order received in 10 days. That’s impressive, Dutton-Vocalion. Thanks!

Listening to the Tomita now. What a freakin’ trip - great quad soundtrack for a buzz! Had no clue what this title would sound like, but I’m totally diggin’ it!