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Jan 9, 2013
Being a Surround Forum the subject of MLP DVD~Audio STEREO ONLY has had scant exposure but looking over my ridiculously large collection of music there are many DVD~Audio stereo titles that have been overlooked.

For instance, Neil Young gave up on MLP DVD~A 5.1 and released approximately a dozen or so albums on the Reprise label in DVD~Audio Stereo and tonight I played this exceptional title which was mastered at 176/24 featuring sidemen Graham Nash, Rick Danko, Levon Helm and David Crosby among others and many are still available through discogs at sane prices:



For Jazz lovers, Japan's Victor Entertainment released dozens of exceptional Jazz titles in 192/24 resolution in the DVD~A Stereo format:


Classic Records likewise released at least 40~50 Titles in the DVD~A Stereo format in both 96/24 and 192/24 across ALL genres including three Alan Parson HDAD Titles including I Robot

Secondary, 2 of 11

High Definition Tape Transfers released literally hundreds of DVD~Audio DVD~Rs across ALL genres and some were remastered from 15 ips Analogue Masters and sound exceptional but as of April 2023 they ceased manufacturing them much to my disappointment. Again, some were 96/24 and a majority were 192/24 and I must commend their mastering chain as state of the art! Incrediblly fortunate to have their expansive DVD~A~R stereo discs in my collection.

And one of my absolute favorites is a very little known artist released on the early 00 label HI~RES music and produced by Dr Mark Waldrep founder of AIX Records. Exceptional Sonics and content in 192/24 resolution with the great Ornette Coleman on SAX!

Joe Henry SCAR

As I'm currently setting up my new system I just had my Meridian 808 Reference Player which plays RBCDs and DVD~A Stereo discs ONLY outfitted with a new linear power supply and the results are outstanding. Just pop the DVD~A into the player and it automatically plays the content without a menu setting. But the downside, if DVD~A stereo content is on a disc like Monster Music's few DTS/DD/96/24 DVD~A discs, it cannot access the DVD~A hi res content. The OPPO 205 takes care of that!

If any of you would like to share your experiences with the DVD~Audio stereo discs in your collection, please do so via this thread.

And another Neil Young Reprise DVD~A Stereo which I'm spinning tonight [176/24 resolution]


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Dave's True Story / Sex Without Bodies - I'd been searching for a copy of this for years and finally found one a couple of months ago and it sounds great! A somewhat obscure group who's music I would describe as the sounds of Julie London meet the lyrical wit of Godley & Creme, love this stuff!

DTS SWB bk.jpg
Played this exceptional Classic Records DVD~A Stereo remastered 2 disc set into the early AM in my Pre/Pro's SUPER DSP mode and since the original VOX recording was in fact QS encoded [and I believe single inventory] I was surrounded by Gershwin's brilliant orchestrations in stunning sonics by conductor Leonard Slatkin and the St Louis Symphony orchestra. It should likewise decode exceptionally well with Chucky's Surround Master in QS mode. Highest Recommendation


QSI 5132 (QS) [3 LP] GEORGE GERSHWIN: All the Works for Orch-
estra and for Piano & Orchestra [Concerto in F for Piano & Orch-
estra ; Cuban Overture; Lullaby (Version for String Orchestra);
Catfish Row (suite from "Porgy & Bess"); An American in Paris;
Promenade; Rhapsody in Blue; Second Rhapsody for Piano & Orch-
estra; "I Got Rythem" Variations for Piano & Orchestra] (Siegal,
Slatkin/St. Louis Symphony)
Another brilliant Classic Records Bernie Grundman remastered 2 DVD~A stereo release from VOX records conducted by Stanislaw Skrowaczewski with the Minnesota Orchestra originally QS encoded



QSI 5133* (QS) [4 LP] MAURICE RAVEL: All the Works for Orch-
estra [Fanfare for the Ballet, "L'Eventail de Jeanne"; "Daphne
et Chloe" Suite Nos. 1 & 2; Pavane pour une infante defunte; La
Valse (poem choreographique); Alborada de gracioso (No. 4 of
"Miroirs"); Ma Mere l'Oye (complete ballet); Le Tombeau de
Couperin; Une Barque sur l'ocean (No. 3 of "Miroirs"); Rhapsody
espagnole; Menuet antique] (Skrowaczewski/Minnesota Orchestra)
Great thread 4 ears

Classic records released all three of Pete Townshends Scoop collections as HDAD stereo releases.

I have the Gershwin box set on vinyl will have to look for this digital release.
I have those Townsend SCOOP releases ... excellent and here's discogs' link for the Gershwin release which is a VERY HIGH Recommendation!

Classic Records was sold to Acoustic Sounds a few years ago. Chad has all the Metal Masters from the era including the Led Zeppelin catalog.
I recall Acoustic Sounds was literally blowing out their existing stock of Classic Records DVD~A stereo discs at bargain basement prices .....didn't realize they had the Led Zep 'metal masters!'
I recall Acoustic Sounds was literally blowing out their existing stock of Classic Records DVD~A stereo discs at bargain basement prices .....didn't realize they had the Led Zep 'metal masters!'
Chad talked about it and it was recently brought up in one of the Steve Westman’s Roundtable Discussion videos.
I recall Acoustic Sounds was literally blowing out their existing stock of Classic Records DVD~A stereo discs at bargain basement prices .....didn't realize they had the Led Zep 'metal masters!'
I corrected my Post. I misspoke. I meant, the Metal Stampers to cut the vinyl. But, he would most likely need to get permission again to release any records.
I think I only own 1 stereo DVD-Audio, and in fact, it's a Dual Disc. AC/DC, Back In Black. It sounds like ass. The original vinyl wipes the floor with it.