Wham! 1986's "The Final" album in TrueHD 7.1 Atmos (and hi-rez stereo)


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May 11, 2024
I posted about this in the Blu-ray audio forum - here is the "how-to"

The two recent SDE Wham! Blu-ray audio releases of "Fantastic" and "Make It Big" contain a lot of bonus tracks (Most are in TrueHD 7.1 Atmos and Hi-rez stereo, some are only in hi-rez stereo) which add together to be able to be sequenced into "The Final" album. This constitutes fair use as I own the discs.

From Wikipedia:
The Final is a greatest hits album released in 1986 to summarise the career of English pop duo Wham!. The album was not initially released in North America, where the album Music from the Edge of Heaven was released instead. Six songs from that album are also on this compilation.
The CD edition omits "Blue (Armed with Love)" and the extended mixes of "Bad Boys", "Careless Whisper" and "I'm Your Man", having only the shorter album or single mixed of these.

This last bit is important because prior to now, "The Final" has never been available in it's full format digitally.

From the two Blu-ray audio discs, I ripped and converted the Stereo tracks into .flac (album tracks are in 24-96, bonus tracks in 24-48) and the Atmos tracks to single song .mka

The stereo .flac tracks can reconstitute the full release of "The Final" as released on on LP/Cassette so far, but in newly remastered and high resolution format. The tracks are all the original full length versions and Blue (Armed With Love) is restored. Additionally, the sound is at least as good as, and almost certainly better, than the K2HD Compact Disc release of "The Final".

The .mka TrueHD 7.1 Atmos files are simply and easily joined in sequence (I used mkvtoolnix) to give almost all of "The Final" in Dolby Atmos. (The solo George Michael track A different Corner was not included on these disks (and if it is available on the Apple Atmos streaming, this will be compressed audio with MAT Atmos) so I took the track from my K2HD disc for the stereo version only.

In case anyone is mad enough to want to do it, here are the tracks you'll need to use:
(The total length shows the original LP versions are all present and correct in the stereo version. The red colour shows any discrepancies, using the LP/Cassette release as the standard)

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