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Jan 1, 2010
Washington, D.C.
Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2023 release from the band Everything But The Girl, their first in over two decades!
The Blu-Ray Audio disc contains a Dolby Atmos mix of the album by Steve Evans.

The Atmos mix is also available to stream on all Dolby Atmos streaming providers:




Pre-release thread for all shipping/ordering queries and non-poll related posts:
This beautiful creation and composure from a timeless couple bring excitement and joy to me as a fan of Nothing But The Girl from my 10 years living in England 95-03/04. I was first conscious of Nothing But The Girl when my girl dragged me out on a Sunday afternoon to Notting Hill’s Lazy Dog on Sunday’s DJ sets which became an institution on Sunday afternoons in 2000. This was how my millennium started. From their I was connected with their songs I knew, but I didn’t know the group. I had seen Massive Attack in the 90s, and again in 2001. I was a long time fan especially the song Safe From Harm featuring Tracy’s vocals. So in 2000 I had to catch up, and I did. And I litterally wore out my Lazy Dog CD’s. Where’s the reissue? In Atmos!

Nothing Left to Loose; is the first track on the album. The song is an evolution of English electronic music for 2023, whilst still holding true to the groups style. “What is left to lose? Nothing left to loose!” pause “Kiss me while the world decays. Kiss me while the music plays” is defiantly how I feel this day in April 2023 the album was released as we enter our 2nd year of the Ukrainian invasion, China flying around Taiwan, and North Korea launching long range missiles over Japanese territory. There is a classic baseline in here that I can visualize the muppet Flat Eric spinning a disc at Lazy Dog, whilst the band is playing live. I can see that yellow paw on record, the head bopping. Seriously, YouTube Flat Eric videos, Flat Eric was / is a British icon. The surround mix on my NAD / Polk Legend / Starke Sound 7.4.4 system is totally balanced chilled mix using all speakers with clarity and composure. And when I say composure I’m referring to the track using all channels as if the song was composed for an Atmos recording and not an afterthought. The production team nailed it right off the first track.

‘Run A Red Light’ .. starts with a clear piano in the left side and rear surrounds with programmed electronic effects we have come to know from electronic and lounge acts of the 90s and 2000s from likes of Faithless, Zero 7, Morcheeba, Massive Attack, Radiohead, U2, and so on. But this is no copy. This is uniquely 2023 Everything But The Girl. Instrumentally the album in the first two tracks shows strong maturity and is full of excitement. There’s never a dull moment. The tracks are very well recorded showing of the strengths of my marvellous system leveraging the systems strong balance and dynamic ability. The album is one of the best balanced Atmos mixes I’ve heard.

‘Caution To The Wind’ … starts with another exciting music and vocal sound building to upbeat tempo that has us up dancing at 11am this morning. Am I back in the basement of the Notting Hill Arts Club? Well last summer I was with my son from Canada showing him where we would spend our Sunday afternoons and evenings, and the topic was Ben and Jay. The Atmos effects are subtle, intentional and exciting. It’s perfect Fusion
- “Caution to the wind. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in.” Vulnerability is one of the topics here.

By now the listener knows we are in for an an absolute treat of enjoyment. This isn’t just some album to be listened to this year and filed away.

‘When You Mess Up’ … is a song of wisdom and awareness remind us to not beat ourselves up, forgive ourselves. How ironic this song relates to the book I’m reading, Dr Matte Gabor’s latest book ‘The Myth of Being Normal’. Gabor talks about a new type of trauma as the human race is evolving. When we take responsibility for our actions, but then hold our ‘Mess Ups’ inside us, and instead of forgiving ourselves and processing our pains, we hold them
inside us, not blaming, not defending, owning our shit, but just not processing it. And in return we create trauma.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Don’t think you’re inappropriate.
And don’t just discard your old self.
Your never inappropriate,
In a world of micro-aggressions
Little human transgressions.”

Im still grieving the loss of Maxi Jazz, but in this song ‘When You Mess Up’ I’m reconnected with why I like British musicians who are vulnerable and put it out there. Context is everything!

Time and Time Again … is for you to interpret 😜 I love it!

‘No One Knows We’re Dancing’ is in my belief a tribute to Lazy Dog Sundays DJ sessions at the Notting Hill Arts Club, London in the late 90s to early 2000s. But that’s My Belief, I Don’t Know. There’s a throwback to Fabio, love it. The song gives me a feeling which reminds me of how I felt in my days in the 90s at ‘Slinky’ in Bournemouth, which had a drum and bass room, as well as an excellent main room opera house dance floor.

‘Lost’ … is a song on loss and losing it.

‘Forever’ … is a beautiful Atmos mix. I’d love to hear the deep house 9min remixes of this song. Sister Bliss / Rollo, where are you? Can you do a Faithless remix on this song? I’d like to hear the Flume remix too!!! Like what Flume did to Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’, fucking amazing! You’ll only find that on YouTube.

‘Interior Space’ … is short and sweet. Lovely instruments slowly and subtlety dance around. I have projections on this songs meaning. He he 🤪

‘Karaoke’ … the last song on the album is another unique song and sound true to the bands sound, legacy and evolution. The song leaves me wanting more, and at the same time like the end of a binged Netflix season wanting to explore the next season with new plots and twists, evolved characters, and special effects. And there has to be another season right? There has to be? Please tell me what I want to hear. Lol 😂

To summarize, Everything But The Girls album Fuse is a modern day evolved and matured artistic creation of music and poetry delicately composed of original songs and Atmos contributions by a cleaver team of artists and creators. It oozes passion and creativity and delivers a 2023 contribution to music that fans will play years to come. Every song is unique and this is an album to play from start to finish. This album will be played at dinner parties, restaurants, whilst people study, work, walk the dog, drive, make love, fuck, cry, cook, chill, dance, and show off. And yet it’s not over the top. It’s not boring and it’s not an album where all the songs sound the same. It reminds me of Nothing But The Girl, but it’s Everything Including The Girl.

Thank you Ben. Thank you Tracy. Thank you to all whom contributed and supported and influenced this creation.
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Wow, @WozzaDog nailed it. Just chiming in to explain my ranking as well and perhaps provide a perspective others of us may share:
Although I was familiar with the name EBTG, I have no experience whatsoever with their music (maybe I would be familiar with a track or two if I heard it, and say "oh, that's them?" but I purposely didn't do that before typing this or listening to Fuse). And therefore, I have no baggage or expectations—I have seen some comments floating around about how the singer's voice has changed, how their style has changed, whether or not that's a good thing, etc.

I appreciated that as I continue to think a lot about what that kind of baggage does whenever we hear something new from a beloved artist, or at the very least one we're very familiar with...

All of that said, I thought this disc was fabulous, right on first listen—and have no doubt it'll get repeat spins as I'm already looking forward to the next one. The use of the full Atmos soundstage in an engaging, but also very musical way, making everything feel not only enveloping but also very open and not claustrophobic in the way some other recent titles have—it just hits perfect in the sweet spot.

The content felt seasoned and confident, but not in any way "over the hill"—relevant and modern observations, interesting and engaging sonics, the vocals smokey and effective like a mid-to-late stage Marianne Faithful (but with more musicality, to my sensibilities)... this one is definitely going to cut through the crowd for me.
Often, my reviews come down to the essence. This is based on 4 spins. 2 each for Atmos mix BD, 2 for CD as 2ch, not synthesized Quad at all. Here, many, if not all of you will likely say, "she must be listening to a different BD/CD."

Nope. I've been a fan of theirs since Eden was released. Have bought every release and rarity I could find. Usually, it has been UK releases. 2 CD expanded, Japan comp, 12" singles, and solo stuff. met them. caught them live. Etc...

Overall: 8
Mix: 10 discrete, tasteful, great
Fidelity: 8 excellent overall. occasionally a bit too processed
Content: 8 (10 for lyrics, 9 for their voices, 6 for tempo/arrangements)

Tracey's voice is a tad deeper for the most part. Ben seems far deeper than I recall him. Still, enjoyed hearing them greatly.

To crystallize, it reminds me of my issue with the new Abba. Most of it just lays there! If it were sunshine and lollipops, I would love it far less. Performances: I might call some 10, others 6.

Pleased, but with reservations. Slightly disappointed. Not Eden, my fave, or even Walking, but definitely worth owning. Certainly not Love not Money, still my least favorite. Some of my reservations are based in some similarities to that disc.

Get it, for the superb mix for sure, or if you like these people at all. You'll be glad you did.
I voted 8.
Seems like most give it a 9.

Blu Ray Hard Disc. Dolby ATMOS signal.

Track 1: Heights barely engaged.
Track 2: Top front heights engaged.
Track 3: Heights, tiny bit rears 3/4 the way through.
Track 4: Heights, barely ambient.
Track 5: Heights, finally a little action, if for a moment, mostly in chorus with backing vocals.
Track 6: Heights, barely ambient.
Track 7: Heights, barely ambient.
Track 8: Heights, barely ambient.
Track 9: Heights, barely ambient.
Track 10: Heights, barely ambient. a little flickering in the heights, middle of song.

I have also listened to the streaming version (APPLE 4K) really no different.
My disappointment is I purchased for the DOLBY ATMOS EXPERIENCE.
My experience was, very likable music and songs, sonic clarity brilliance, excellent sound and excellent 5.1 surround bed.
However, disappointed in the artifacts that could of/should of been in the heights. All AMBIENT 98% of the time.
I found the album to be a little odd. Very surreal in some cases. My other half was listening with me and he couldn't stay. It bothered him that much. One tune, he said it sounded like two songs were playing at the same time. It's definitely not as good as their material from years ago, but I guess we all change after 24 years.

I listed to the multichannel mix using my Oppo and a vintage quad system, not in Atmos as designed. The nice thing was that it dumbed down the surround so I could listen. But it wasn't very active. Pleasant for sure, though. Kind of natural, not much swirling around the room.

For the mix, I'd say an 8. But the music was not nearly what I expected. I gave it, unfortunately, a 6 overall. This is one I definitely won't be breaking out often. I'll grab one of their older stereo albums likely first.

I do like their first tune on the album, though. Nothing Left To Lose.
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I'm listening to a 7.1 to 5.1 downmix and ended up raising the Sides and Rears 3dbs; just sounds more interesting for me with that change.
It does have some nice Electronic Pop music with great low end coming primarily from the Fronts (LFE is minimal, kept wanting to raise the vol. to feel more of it, maybe they should have put more of the low end into the LFE :unsure:.)

I'm going with a 9, since I felt the rears were a little light overall.

Like @RustyStatic, I knew nothing about the band’s prior output and ended up really enjoyed this album. In some ways, I think it makes for a good companion piece to xPropaganda’s The Heart Is Strange. My favorite tracks are “Run A Red Light”, “Time & Time Again”, and “Forever”.

Yeah, the Atmos mix is a bit static for my tastes and light on the height channels - it could have been really amazing in the hands of a more daring mixer (things like those staccato synth stabs around 1:36 into "Time & Time Again" or the processed vocals at 1:22 in "Caution To The Wind" would have been great dancing around the height speakers), but what we got isn't bad at all.

It’s really more of a 5.1 mix in a 7.1 container (I didn’t notice much if any differentiation between the side & rear channels), but it sounds well-balanced front-to-back on my system and the handful of moments where the heights do get engaged with loud, discrete elements (like the backing vocals in "Run A Red Light") are very well done. Perhaps most importantly of all, the sound quality is excellent. The low-end is punchy, but not over the top.

Maybe it's not a fair comparison, but the recent Atmos mix of PF's DSOTM strikes me as not dissimilar to this one in terms of spatial approach (it being more of a 5.1 mix on the ground, with primarily ambience and some directional effects in the height speakers) and that got a very positive reception from most reviewers here.

Going with a “9” as well. Glad this one got an affordable physical release!
This was my first exposure to EBTG and I enjoyed to music very much!
Maybe not the strongest Atmos mix but not too bad either.
I gave it a strong 9.
I'd HIGHLY suggest Walking Wounded, then. Their first album after their hit "Missing", they go into the politics of relationships, not in a gendered or racial sense, but in an internal sense, the emotions one has to navigate within a relationship's communication, its uncertainty, and its desire.
I'd HIGHLY suggest Walking Wounded, then. Their first album after their hit "Missing", they go into the politics of relationships, not in a gendered or racial sense, but in an internal sense, the emotions one has to navigate within a relationship's communication, its uncertainty, and its desire.
It's on the way, thanks!
Listening to it mixed down to 5.1. Rears VERY engaged. Totally immersive experience. GREAT surround mix and an album well worth the 24 year wait. Yeah, their voices have deepened a bit with age. But haven’t we all. One of those albums (like most from EBTG) that improves upon repeated listenings.

having said all that, there are a couple of tracks that just don’t grab me.