FLAC file properties question


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Icons are strictly for Windows File Explorer? Do they serve any other universal purpose, even within Windows?
For all of those media images I have 2 files; the transparent .PNG file which is used by Foobar and the .ICO file which is used for Windows Explorer. I am not familiar with another use for .ICO files besides the thumbnails in explorer. I browse most folders on my PC with a "Details" or "List" view so icons aren't important to me there but I do like to browse certain folders (music, movie, TV), with the folder settings set to "Extra Large Thumbnails" because I just find it more appealing as well as helpful.
All this takes me back quite a few years to the time I discovered how to display images for movie files within the OPPO's UI using smb/nfs shares...

Essentially, as long as the (.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp) image file is given the same name as the movie (and not placed within individual folders), the OPPO displays an image for that movie.

This method can work the same with individual music files. However, most people place their music files within folders...

It's a real shame the OPPO can't display folder images, particularly when navigating for music, as it would make navigation far more enjoyable ;)