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Rate the DTS DVD of Fleetwood Mac - TUSK

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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 5.1 Music DVD of the Fleetwood Mac album TUSK, included in the Deluxe Box version of the album released in 2015.



I went back and forth with myself on even purchasing this box set. I swore that "I refuse to spend this much money on a box set full of stuff I don't want...only to get the single 5.1 disc that I do want".

Finally, I caved in and got a very fair price via Amazon UK. As most everyone already knows, due to my clamoring about it on another thread...I love it. It's so warm and thick sounding. Loads of great bass, and real crisp mids and highs. Just a real nice sounding disc. I won't go into all the detail as I did before.

Fidelity = 10
Content = 10
Surround = 9

That averages to a 9.66. I can't rate it a 9, so I will rate it a 10. I refuse to let what I paid for extra stuff I don't want to play into my vote... :)
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OK after listening to this last night and Snood listened LOUD LOUD LOUD :yikes

Even at LOUD volumes it sounded pretty amazing to me. The Drums were well done and not buried which is always one of the things me always look for. The bass was nice and not over powering and the guitars..........oh the guitars :banana:

Snood has been a Lindsey Buckingham fan from the very first Fleetwood Mac album with Lindsey & Stevie. First seen them live in concert way back on the Mirage tour in the then called Tangerine Bowl in Orlando. Seen Lindsey Solo with a band and his Solo tour a couple years ago. All Fantastic.

So Snood is a lil..........a lot biased lol

Fleetwood Mac in 5.1 is gonna be totally different then most bands reviewed on QQ, such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd, ELP................etc. So some people might have a hard time getting into this album or mix. One thing Snood always looks for in a 5.1 mix of a classic album is how the mix unfolds and unleashes the hidden layers that you may not be able to deduce in a stereo mix. Baby does this mix unfold like a mutha!!!

With that being said, this has always been Snood's fave FM album. This was Lindsey's album..........his do whatever you want Lindsey album. To be able to hear all the layers of Lindsey's guitar playing sometimes 3 or 4 different runs on different speakers at the same time. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Listening to his guitar on the even the songs that are not my faves, made those songs improve by leaps and bounds.

The mix is discrete, not the most discrete..........the vocals are blended between the center and the front L R speakers - not a fave method, but it works wonderfully here

I am not the biggest Stevie Nicks fan, but here

"Sara" is simply Beautifully done and "Sisters of the Moon" is just Awesome now, even Angel is pretty koo now

Christine's songs are given more punch

And Lindsey's songs are AWESOME - "That's All for Everyone" Lindsey's ode to Beach Boys https://youtu.be/tJeikZr5xN4 is stellar "Walk a Thin Line" Stellar "Save Me a Place" Awesome and the quirky Lindsey songs (Not that Funny, What Makes you Think.....) are excellent tooooooooo

A 10 for Snood........

Not gonna knock points off for having to buy big set to get 5.1, not gonna knock off points for no super Hi Rez DVD-A 5.1.......for what it is.... simply AWESOME

10 TEN X DIEZ DIX DIECI - you get the picture - It is a 10!!

Snood Loves it :snoodhug:
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Snood, from your overly ecstatic description of TUSK, sounds like an "11" to me!

Now I'm really getting psyched. Mine's coming from AmazonUK and should take a couple of weeks.:yikes

And wholeheartedly agree, Lindsey Buckingham IS a force of nature :flame
I do not have a turntable. I do not play records. I just got the Fleetwood Mac Super Deluxe Tusk with the 2 remastered LP's.

I'm looking for a sale or trade. private message me if you are interested.
I give it an 8. It's just not my favorite FM album. So the material, while interesting, I like the self titled album, Mirage, Tango, and Rumours much more. The fidelity is a 10. The surround is great, but not a 10. Too much reverb for me. Think About Me, my favorite track is unfortunately one of the worst offenders, and while I do like it more than the stereo mix, it just has a lot more of a reverby sound, which takes away from it. Sara is great. I was surprised Tusk itself didn't get more active, just listening to it in stereo makes me think that a surround mix at that time would have been much more aggressive. I like the Rumours surround mix more. But it's still wonderful to have it. I hope FM gets its surround mix released soon. I would also love to have Mirage and Tango, in 5.1, too.
I’ve never before owned a copy of this album so it’s fun approaching the 5.1 with a somewhat clean slate (apart from knowing the handful of FM radio hits, that is). And I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The mix is excellent and serves the arrangements perfectly IMO. The arrangements themselves are impressive (and show tasteful restraint) with some lovely vocal harmonies and interesting, varied guitar textures. Not all the material works for me, however. I’ve always tended to favor Buckingham’s output. Nicks and McVie have never struck me as having very wide ranges compositionally, but I do enjoy much of their contributions here and feel they offer up a nice stylistic contrast to Lindsey’s work. A very satisfying ‘8’ for me.
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Last night I was listening to this and heard a lot of "pumping" (as in , the DTS was a half assed effort), especially on the drums..is it just me?

If I hear too much pumping when late night listening I go check on the other half..! Lmfao.. :D
Seriously, I will check this one again tonight (hate to be a party pooper.. I didn't think the sound on the 5.1 was as good as it could have been.. but will give it a fair crack of the whip before I slate it outta hand.. been a long wait and I love the music and mix so am more forgiving than I might be with some other discs I think..!)
Last night I was listening to this and heard a lot of "pumping" (as in , the DTS was a half assed effort), especially on the drums..is it just me?

If by that you mean the cymbals sound a little brittle/thin then I agree but it is sort of like Antiques Roadshow when they say "there are some condition problems but they don't affect value." Overall it's a beauty, and a 9 when I get around to voting for it (assuming I haven't already). My Oppo shows 2 Mbps for the dts, versus around 5 Mbps for the stereo LPCM. But who wants stereo?
Listening to this surround mix makes me realize how delicately balanced this album was in stereo, because this mix has a completely new vibe, to my ear at least. A lot of it is just the fact that we're no longer listening through the stereo "window;" we've now been invited into the studio to hang out with the musicians. This is not necessarily a bad thing, of course! But it's definitely different.

A few other random thoughts. Bad news first:

1. Too loud, dammit! Songs like "Never Make Me Cry" and "Beautiful Child" have been boosted way out of their original lovely quiet mood, for just 2 examples.

2. Speaking of "Beautiful Child," what is up with that HUGE snare drum? I mean, forward and reverse reverb, seriously? It sounds like they tried to make it into an 80s power ballad or something. Combined with the volume boost, this just about ruins my favorite little tune on the whole damn record. Very annoying and disappointing.

Good news:

1. The overall sound is truly gorgeous, even/especially considering the lossy format. The stereo mix has been one of my go-to reference discs for a long time, but this sounds even better, like whole-other-level better. Tonal balance is just right, from solid bass to sparkling top.

2. Instruments and vocals are rendered accurately and beautifully. Those backing vocals in particular - more sweet-sounding and ethereal than ever, and now they float around the room like ghosts. Wow!

3. The title track used to be about the least interesting song on this record to me, but now I wanna get up out of the sweet spot and march around the room with the band! TUSK!!

Bottom line: Is the 5.1 disc alone worth the money? I hate to admit it, but yeah, it is for me. This album has always been one of my favorites. Besides, I've paid more for a couple of out-of-print titles, and they didn't even come with all this extra swag! Which reminds me, I guess I should probably check out these stereo discs too, eventually...

7 out of 10 for me.

-- Jim
The sound quality and the surround mix on this dvd are really great, so it would be a 9 from me (don't mind if it's only DTS, my old ears don't hear a difference to high res anymore...). But I have to substract a point because of the content - it is too much! See, I own the vinyl since it came out (yes 'm that old...) and i have two different cd versions. So to have to buy these again for the second/third time just to get one disc just doesn't feel right, so an 8 it is.