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Jan 5, 2019
You should hear Cornholio sing "Lesbian Seagull"
Q8 review:
Good fidelity. Nice bass & EQ.
Overall I really like this. I don't mind a little variety and that's what you get here.
Seems like the mix changes from song to song. Sometimes changes during a song.
There's a lot of instruments and they may come from different speakers. Sometimes discrete and other times mirrored. It's like they didn't want any channel to be silent.
The bass guitar seemed to come from all channels at times. Then it might just come from the front.
At times the drums are stereo. Part of the kit in front and part in back.
There is a counter clockwise vocal pan in one song and all channel vocals in a part of "Hocus Pocus"
Some lead guitar in front and parts in back.
The mix can get too wet at times. A surround may have a lot of echo and not much else.
I always vote conservatively in these polls.
I give this an 8
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