HiRez Poll Gainsbourg, Serge - HISTOIRE DE MELODY NELSON [BluRay Audio]


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Mar 2, 2002
Please post your thoughts and comments on this HiRez 5.1 BluRay "Pure Audio" release from UMe.
Bought both very quickly shipped, by the vendor factory sealed and a bargain.

The same mix as the DVD but better sounding than the Dulllby DVD. Though as has been said elsewhere maybe not as good sounding as it could have been.

Stereo is excellent.

Disc has all of the extras the DVD set had except the video and only two music streams in 5.1 and stereo LPCM and DTS MA (I think i have not got the disc in front of me and to be honest only listened to the LPCM).

If you liked the DVD set then this is a sound improvement but as with all thing HFPA it could have been better.

One other rather annoying thing about the disc it starts straight away but in Stereo rather than 5.1, and on the plus side menu is slightly better than GRRRRR!
I was hoping to dump mine but if that's all they are worth may as well keep it.
I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed with the mix on this one. Not much in the rears apart from the orchestra when it kicks in. It also seems thinner than the stereo mix & center channel heavy.

However, it's great that they re-issued it on blu-ray.
Just noticed this came with a download code, so am now downloading it in 24/96. Could just be the stereo version. Won't know until it's done downloading.

UPDATE: 16 tracks are downloaded. I guess they are stereo.
I don't have the Blu-Ray, I have the 2011 DVD-A. I like the sound, but, yeah, not much on the rears.
One the the only 3-4 Gainsbourg records I can stand :p
Gainsbourg is one of those acquired tastes, but I really like him, and this is one of my favorite albums. I have the Blu-Ray and have heard the DVD, and I think the sonics are excellent--spare and clean--even in the Dolby version. As for the mix: it's admittedly peculiar, almost "stealth" 5.1. For the longest time, and for long stretches, it sounds like 3.0 (with center-channel vocals, which i usually don't care for)--and then some little instrumental riffs & fillips will suddenly emerge from the rears. Works for me.