Steven Wilson Gentle Giant to release expanded Steven Wilson remix of "Playing the Fool"


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Despite buying all of Gentle GIant's albums as they were released AND seeing then several times live, I never bought this live album. Looking forward to it, it will be completely new to me!
As much as I love GG, I rarely listened to this album. For live material, I preferred the more raw/uncut bootlegs from this time. Hearing what should represent the full set is really what I'm more interested in, hopefully including any stage banter as well. And assuming this gets released in a similar format to their other albums with 5.1 etc., I can finally get excited about this album.
LOVE this one; one of the greatest live albums ever IMHO. Not only does the band prove they can play and sing their intricate tunes LIVE, they treated the audiences to freshened arrangements that would breathe new life into past favorites.

Since we already have the live Octopus Medley (1976) on the Octopus Blu Ray, this affords an opportunity to preview what's coming in expanded form.

The Foole reference in my signature was inspired by this album and a particular film. ;)
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Great News!! I'm sure that Gentle Giant's Expanded & Remixed Playing The Fool set will be Fantastic.

PS: I'm Still hoping for an Expanded Edition of GG's Self-Titled First Album on Blu-Ray.
"Expanded" how? What relevant material could be added?
Remember the 2CD set that Gentle Giant released in 1997 called Under Construction? They had five songs from the sessions for the first album; 'Hometown Special', 'Weekend Cowboy', 'Bringing Me Down', 'Freedoms Child'* & an alternate take on 'Nothing At All'. Those could be included on an expanded edition of Gentle Giant (along with whatever else they may find in the vaults that was recorded at that time).

* 'Freedoms Child' was remixed in 5.1 & stereo for inclusion on GG's Three Piece Suite collection.
Title basically says it all.

Details here:

I’ll be happy if and when “The Missing Piece” is finally shipped! Ordered right away in January, just received word from Amazon that it is again delayed. Should have tried a different vendor, it seems…