Hawkwind: Space Ritual (Stephen W Tayler 5.1 mix coming in September 2023!)


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I just got an email with the following from Freak Emporium:

"Hawkwind's Space Ritual, possibly the greatest Space Rock album of all time, gets the reissue it deserves in an enhanced stero two disc set with a bonus DVD. The original live performance of Hawkwind's Space Ritual utilized a surround sound speaker system therefore it's entirely appropriate that this three disc set includes a surround version of the epic ritual....

Originally conceived as a space rock opera this very special edition 3 disc set contains the original album with some extended tracks (they were originally edited due to the vinyl restrictions) and 3 tracks ("Brainstorm","Welcome To The Future",and "You Shouldn't Do That") that are previously unreleased in their full length versions. If that's not enough the second disc also includes bonus material in the shape of "Orgone Accumulator","Time We Left" and a second version of "You Shouldn't Do That". The 3rd disc is a DVD DTS surround sound audio disc (two sound options - you can either play in stereo or 5.1 surround.) with a visualizer playing on the screen to the music. It also includes the " Silver Machine" and "Urban Guerilla" original promo films. Wow!

Due In: 25/06/2007"

I hope it's a good mix :banana:
Great, have certanly heard of Hawkwind though I haven't heard much of their material, but given the dearth of surround releases I would be looking forward to this one, and everyone enjoys a good "visualizer" with their DTS. Hopefully it will get enough distribution to make it to the local brick and mortars also. Thanks for that info. John S.
That one will be on my shopping list for sure, and I would also love to see a nice remaster/expanded/whatever of Warrior on the Edge of Time
Has anybody seen anything about this being released in the U.S.? I have only seen it listed on U.K websites which means it will be PAL.
Has anybody seen anything about this being released in the U.S.? I have only seen it listed on U.K websites which means it will be PAL.

I emailed CDWOW about the same thing and here was Neil Chase's reponse:

"The only doubt I have about compatibility is re the DVD. This will be primarily for the EU market, and so if it is an option of being PAL / NTSC then we would take the PAL version. If it is just DVD-A then the matter doesn't arise. Unfortunately we wouldn't know the specifics for the encoding until we'd get the stock - around the day of release."
I saw this on CD Universe:

CD/DVD (PAL/Region 0) The CDs in this Collectors Edition feature the original album with some extended tracks (they were originally edited due to the time restrictions of vinyl) and 3 bonus tracks. The DVD is more a DVD album than DVD video; it allows the listener to enjoy the album as it was originally recorded for the first time - as one long continuous piece of live music. There is a brand new 5.1 mix as well as the standard stereo mix and a visualizer will play on screen while the music plays. The DVD also features 2 promo videos which are previously unreleased - 'Silver Machine' & 'Urban Guerilla'. EMI. 2007.
Hmmm. Hawkwind will be performing at NEARfest next weekend (June 23). Hopefully, they'll have this at their merch table for a reasonable price.

J. D.
Well, I saw Hawkwind at NEARfest as mentioned above, but no one was selling the 5.1 disc of "Space Ritual." : (.

(I did pick up the DTS disc of "Deadwing" by Porcupine Tree, though I haven't listened to it yet. I nearly bought the 5.1 disc of "New Century" by SBB until someone who knows me assured me that I wouldn't like it.)

J. D.
i have it Love it although the 5.1 mix is nothing special.

The booklet probably has the most telling sign of forboding, it clearaly states 5.1 upmix for the original stereo recording.

so all the 5.1 lights are on but these is not a lot home.

Still this is the first time I have owned the music at all so not a big loss.
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anybody have this in hand yet?

Mine came yesterday, but I haven't had the chance to listen. Nice package though. I always liked this album, and I had been looking for a decent remastered CD. It was a bit pricey to get it here though, about CDN$40.

Oh well, at 1.78635 surround sound releases per year ...

I finally placed my order - at 11.99gbp free shipping from cd-wow it comes in at well less than $30cdn for me...pretty good deal!
I have an EMI 5.1 DVD of this already.
I also have the CD of the concert as it was originally played …without all the studio overdubs which were done on the double vinyl I had in ‘73 ….so I’ll be interested to hear this new version as the sound quality has always been a bloody dirge !
EDIT Just saw this was an 11 disc set …so I’ll have to buy that !
( I’m a massive Hawkwind fan but only the early version of the band ..,the recent Days of the Underground did nothing for me )
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