how do I sync pc surround w/component stereo surround unit


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Aug 5, 2017
I want to incorporate a pc as a juke box into my Component stereo. I Also want to set up one of my pc's As a dedicated recorder to shorten the cables. I have some dts 40 and 6.# tracks on my pc and several older 5-6 channel sound cards, and a suround sound system as my stereos primary source switch/amp. My last pc, I used for recording and image editing finally died, I used it heavily. So I plan on setting up an older xp game tower someone gave me, previously used as a media center. I actually prefer XP over windows 7, and my older 64bit xp pc tower had it's own surround sound system connected to it with 5 speakers and two subwoofers. I ran couplers on one subwoofer to use it's surround outputs as stereo inputs for the second subwoofer.

My suround sound unit is an old Aiwa AV-D57 which has a phono preamp built in. I am interested in quadraphonic sound, and was told my Technics SL-Q2 could pull off cd-4 with the right cartridge, I already have a cd--4 record and a q8 8 track player with one q8 tape, unfortunately no demodulators or demuxers, decoders or anything else quad except for 4 giant speakers from some vintage turn tables plus two pairs of medium speakers on the main unit.

I do not want to set up two surround sound systems in the same room, and would prefer a more elegant solution then running splitters off each speaker. I'd also like to run software on the pc instead of buying demodulators for cd-4 and demuxers or decoders or whatever other name you prefer for qs, sq, and any other formats I can come across. with a stack of sound cards and the intention to buy a few more for other input types, I don't see any reason i couldn't use my pc as a quad amp and quad recorder. I have built tri and quad-boot computers but never interfaced a computers surround sound with a dobly surround sound system. how do I go about this? I saw a vid where a Man claimed to have thrown together some code to take CD-4 records with a standard cartridge and get poor quadraphonic recordings out of them, and my understanding is cd-4 was the only hardware 4 channel in vinyl, that the other formats were purely software matrix editing so they should be even easier to render on a pc. to my knowledge every old game system ever has been emulated except the xbox and the sega saturn, if some of the people who fell of the deep end with vinyle obsessions are as dedicated as the gaming comunity, I'd expect there would be emulators for certain types of decoders and demodulators, the hardware is just as old as the NES and older than the Sony PS2, and both have hardware readly emulated. Although a simple program with settings for each uad type should be relativly easy to write by someone who understands the process and code, they've had nearly 4 years to come up with a program even if it's win9x based.

A quick google search was only giving me the basic just run a cable from line in to out, but that only works with stereo, I'm wanting to sync quad and beyond. Perhaps I can settle with only using the surround sound system for the preamp or just the separate amp, however then I'd have to boot up the pc every time I want to play my stereo and I'd have to source an 11 input switch box.

I do intend to eventually get a good(larger than a zippo, probably at least $25) buetooth receiver for my component stereo, and my laptop can pla the quad and higher tracks I have in VLC. to be honest I've worked allot more with ad-hock dial up connections and gameport controllers than the buetooth chip I upgraded my laptop with. Is it possible to transmit 7.1 dolby or at least 4 channel audio over some kind of bluetooth link. Would such capability be forced to pci-e or pci cards or might usb adapters work as well. then again that is still reducing it to a stereo connection unless I buy a new main selector.

If anyone's dome something along similar lines or knows what terms or settings I should include in my searches to help get closer to this goal would be appreciated as well as more specific advice. I got several surround sound cards to choose from, the mother board claims to have hd audio built in, and I plan on picking up more sound cards to increase the types of input/outputs My audio tower can do, but the question remains what is the interconectivity I'm looking for called, what is it I'm searching for, if I at least had a name? I'm fairly certain any out put can be repurposed to serve as an input at least on the pc side, as I have done so before recording through the "earphone" port since it was the only thing handy that was stereo.

Also using a pc instead of demodulators for the vinyl types of quad audio.
this seems to me like I should have posted two threads but whether or not the pc does the mixing it still has to communicate with the stereo components especially the 4 output of the q8 tape, so I don't really see how to separate these as I think leaving one out might result be a important piece of the puzzle in regards to the others solution leading to answers that almost work. I don't know maybe I'm "paranoid", oh wait no that was Ozzy.
lastly my budget is always as close to zero as possible.
never mind, I disregarded the 1 digital out put as it was just a single rca style jack, thinking in terms of 7 analogue channels. I wasn't seeing anything because I was searching broadly, with specific models in my search I found at least one satisfactory answer. From Creatives website:
"Connecting to AV Receiver
It is strongly recommended that you connect your Sound Blaster to the analog multi-channel inputs instead of digital input if your AV receiver has both digital input as well as analog multi-channel inputs.

If you are going to connect from the Digital Out on your Sound Blaster to the Digital Input on your receiver, you will only receive multi channel audio when your are playing DVD games, or DVD movies, or standalone AC3 files. You will only hear stereo (front left and right channels) when playing MP3, MID, AVI, WAC, or WMA et.

In addition, the DVD-Audio playback is restricted to analog out only. The Digital Out will be automatically muted when you start to play a DVD-Audio file. (DVD Audio is not supported in Windows Vista)."

Turns out the two sound cards I have laying around are 7.1 surround sound, and the Aiwa receiver is only 5.1, like my win98 sound cards. It might get relegated to being an AV switch.

For connecting a pc sound card to a surround sound unit, you're just looking that they both have a digital out put and a digital input, either as rca style jack or the toshlink fiber optic. two cables gets it done. that is unless the receiver has a more then 2 channel analog inputs in which case go with that so they don't occasionally down sample channels probably because of licencing issues.

This thread can probably be closed, sorry for wasting everyone's time.
I'll try searching some more and if I don't find enough info I'll post a new thread specifically on computer decoding of quadraphonic records.
No worries Scrappy - any question is a good question.

That is what we are here for - no waste of time and please do not worry. We are a friendly forums - these people put up with all my questions when Snood first joined and Snood continues to ask questions to this day. Questions like, why are all these people on QQ so koo and nice!!!! :banana::banana:

So ask away :cool: