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May 8, 2010
I recently was forced to upgrade my PC when my old motherboard failed, and I replaced it with a new Asus TUF Gaming Z690-plus Wi-Fi D4, which I selected partially because it offered DTS and had an optical out. My home office rig is connected via optical to an old Yamaha HTR-5490, and I am running a Yamaha sub, three Cambridge SoundWorks PC speakers for center and rear channels, and (as of today) some B&W LM1s for the fronts. For the last three months I have been engaged with Asus tech support trying to get the sound working properly - I only get stereo settings in the Realtek Audio Console. After multiple reinstalls of the drivers (latest and older) they finally threw up their hands and suggested it was a Windows 11 issue and sent me to Microsoft. Now, after a week of similar conversations on the Microsoft Community page, I am turning to this esteemed crowd to see if I am overlooking something or if I should forget about the onboard audio and move to an external sound card. (It doesn't help when I try to explain that I don't watch movies on the PC, but listen to multichannel music instead...they don't understand this.)

My current situation: Some of my discs won't play a center channel. This makes Robert Fripp's Exposure album even more inscrutable when there are no vocals. I thought it was the DTS codec that was tripping me up, but I was able to get Steven Wilson's The Future Bites to play with a center channel on both LPCM 5.1 (receiver decodes as Dolby Digital) and DTS-HD (receiver decodes as DTS). This tells me I am overlooking something somewhere. I am using a trial version of Cyberlink PowerDVD 22 as my player, but I am open to another solution. Another interesting tidbit - I also am unable to control the volume on the PC at all - the volume slider is either full mute (0) or full volume (1-100) when I use PowerDVD. And, of course, I have zero visibility on the PC to what my speaker configuration is - it happily assumes I am running two channel and that's all I get (although that obviously isn't true).

Any thoughts? What do others use to play their music on PC? Out of frustration, I started looking at new sound cards, but I fear that I am going to jump into a larger mess finding something that will handle all the various codecs and be able to plug into a non-HDMI receiver (although it does have 6 channel inputs). Thanks in advance for any suggestions!