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Rate the SACD of Billy Joel - PIANO MAN

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Jan 1, 2010
Washington, D.C.
Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2024 reissue of Billy Joel's classic 1973 album "Piano Man"
This reissue from Sony Japan contains the original 1970s Quadraphonic mix, remastered and released on Multichannel SACD for the first time in nearly 50 years!

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Pre-release thread for all shipping/ordering queries and non-poll related posts:
I don't know how you can't give this a 10. I love the mix. As with most quads from the era, nice discrete separation and very engaging. I had never owned this album in any form (one of the few BJ albums I don't own), so I was happy that I liked the songs I wasn't familiar with. I suppose if I could change something I would have raised the vocals a bit in the mix. It sounds very good to my ears and solid when compared to other quad mixes that I've heard.

What a wonderful package. A shame that the DVD is region 2 coded (I know it can be ripped). That was almost enough for me to make it a 9, but then I remembered that the DVD (and all the other inclusions) were extras and the icing on the cake. I would have normally bought a similar sacd for about the same price without all those extras. This baby was loaded for a 7 x 7 x 0.6 package.
Like Bill B, this is the first time I've owned Billy Joel's Piano Man. I was looking forward to an outstanding listening experience after my purchase of the Santana sets from CD Japan. The mix is entertaining but the audio fidelity could be improved. The included extras are interesting and will be enjoyed by fans new and old. The DVD did play on my Sony BDP-S6200. With that said, this is a 9 for me. Thank you sjcorne for making this poll available.
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As my first introduction to Billy Joel, I have always loved this album. A chance to own it in a discrete quad mix, along with bonus discs and the usual Sony Japan 7” features, well, what’s not to like?

I have mentioned elsewhere, however, that the outside jacket is easily damaged by having cellophane glue stuck to it. Kids, please be careful handling this one during the transfers in and out of the cellophane wrap.
The mix is great, the sound quality is not the best I've heard, but still good overall, especially given the age of the tapes. I agree with the sentiment that sometimes the vocals are mixed too low and/or the rears are mixed too high.

Did anyone else notice a strange vocal effect (excessive reverb or something) on Captain Jack? I do not hear the same effect on the stereo version. A little distracting but still good. I would probably give this an 8 or a 9 overall.
I have not heard the Piano Man Quad yet as I am having a hard time paying that much for shipping. However, I will say I got The Stranger about a month ago when I combined it with another item and I had built up some discount points. The Japan version I got of The Stranger is excellent!
Tasteful, classic quad discreteness with slightly buried vocals, but not as buried as Paranoid or Janis Joplin's Pearl. Might want to bring the level of your surrounds down a few db for this one.

Content-wise, I'm not a huge Billy Joel fan but I'm having trouble finding anything I'd call a skip. Maybe the opening track, but it might grow on me.
buried vocals, but not as buried as Paranoid
Paranoid is an outlier in that the vocals depend on the overall volume. Simply turning the volume up, makes the vocals more pronounced. Unlike the Chicago quadio's for example, which the rears overpower the vocals to an extent, at any volume. Paranoid is one strange beast, and I love it. It just gets better as it gets louder.
Sounds pretty good to me. No, not top-tier, but then I wasn't expecting it to be. The other two discs are ace though. A second disc with demos, live stuff (some are better versions than those on the album), etc. and a third with videos. Here's hoping Sony Japan does more Billy.
Sounds pretty good to me. No, not top-tier, but then I wasn't expecting it to be. The other two discs are ace though. A second disc with demos, live stuff (some are better versions than those on the album), etc. and a third with videos. Here's hoping Sony Japan does more Billy.
Do you have an Asian market player, since the DVD is only for Asian market players?
I am typically a high voter, lots of 10's, but this I voted 9.
What I absolutely loved was actually the phantom center Billy Joel vocal, dead on center.
The rears where excellent but I did find moments where I felt a little too much lead guitar in rear left.
I like the main characters to not be necessarily stuck in a certain speaker all the time.
The rears where excellent, when the lead guitar wasn't dominating the rear left.
I found the music very calming and relaxing in this 4.0 version.
I have not listened to the 2.0 Piano Man or Rare Live & Demos.
I did rip the DVD to a MKV file and plays well in stereo, but sounds kind of shitty and videos seem like old relics.

My listen for point of this poll was a SACD rip using Sonore software and OPPO, DSD64/DSF file. DR's are 11's and 12's.
A great 4.0 SACD for my 7" collection.

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