Joni Mitchell / Archives Volume 1: The Early Years 1963-1967 box set 10/30/2020


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Jun 26, 2017
Joni Mitchell opens her vaults for the first time for the Joni Mitchell Archives, a new series of box set releases that will span the next few years and start NEXT MONTH with a five-disc box set, Archives – Volume 1 and two associated vinyl releases.

Mitchell has been “intimately involved in producing the archive series” and Archives Volume 1: The Early Years (1963-1967) features nearly six hours of unreleased home, live, and radio recordings that flow chronologically to map Joni’s rapid growth as a performer and songwriter during the period leading up to her debut album.

The collection begins in 1963 with her earliest-known recording as a 19-year-old Mitchell performs at CFQC AM, a radio station in her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The box culminates with a stirring, three-set 1967 nightclub performance recorded at the Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In total, the five-CD box includes 29 original Mitchell compositions that have never been released before with her vocals.

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I have brought it up to the appropriate parties.

:bowing: A Joni Mitchell Quadio set would be phenomenal! :bowing:

I'd pay for it now :) just to eventually be able to hear The Hissing Of Summer Lawns in pristine Quad (the CD4 of which I drooled over in record shops as a student, along with the Doobies - which should be on their way to me next week on this side of the pond!). All her other Quad albums would be a huge bonus.
Still would LOVE to know if Joni's magnificent album BLUE was ever remixed into 5.1? Rumors persist that sections of the album were but no definitive verification that it was completed. Last year, Ben Platt [Dear Evan Hansen, The Politician] performed an astounding version of RIVER on Netflix's first season of The Politician which brought tears to my eyes. And then rumors persist that Ladies of the Canyon likewise was remixed, as well.

Please RHINO ...... give Joni the REAL LOVE she deserves. She is indeed a national treasure!
Anyone who watched Netflix's outstanding 2 season run of THE POLITICIAN had to be touched by actor/singer Ben Platt's stunning rendition of Joni Mitchell's RIVER

As long as we're linking Joni tributes, this is my personal favorite version of "The River", sung by James Taylor at the 2000 Joni Mitchell tribute that aired on TV in 2000. The arrangement and the musicians and chart for this version are exceptional in my book.