JVC / RCA / Victor / Nivico Japan Q8 and QR releases (info/list)


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One more for you. Found on eBay (I think), not quite identical to Victor DT-451.
JVC-Japan DT-456.jpg
And here's some images of QH-1023. Sorry it's written all over, but something is better than nothing.
JVC-Nivico QH-1023[1].jpg
JVC-Nivico QH-1023[2].jpg
JVC-Nivico QH-1023[3].jpg
And here's DT-902. Just for the record, I'm not a collector, I'm a researcher and archivist. I got lots of pictures to share but very few actual items in my collection.

Thanks so much for sharing those photos @winopener and @boojidad - I think each one sheds a little more light on this series and fills in a blank.

I transcribed the title of QH-1023 on Google translate: 懷かしのあの歌・この歌 (第二集) and it comes out as "That Song of Tempaki - This Song (2nd Collection)". Not sure the translation is 100% correct, but it appears to be a Japanese various artists collection as it has pictures from some of the artists in the 'QH' series like Mina Aoe, Frank Nagai and Yukio Hashi on the front cover.

The DT-456 demo reel is interesting too, it appears to be exactly the same tracklist as the DT-451 tape I found, just with English writing instead of Japanese. Maybe 451 came with QR decks sold in Japan and 456 came with decks for Western export? Nice to know at the very least, that my Japanese transcription/translation was relatively accurate.

I'll add the info about both of these tapes to the lists in post #1 of this thread.
A kind of pattern? For the Q8 everything in japanese for japanese market has a gold-foil logo somewhere (Victor or 4channel stereo), while english-language has a different colour (red, black....)
NQH-1002: The Cat 'Exciting Drum Battle'

Added to the list in post #1, thanks to @winopener for finding this one. This is the western export version of QH-1002, and the same as the 4CHB-5001 quad reel. A real anomaly in JVC Japan's quad catalog in not making it to CD-4 LP.
Hi. All
Just found these on the Japanese site... Quad cassettes.....


There`s something baffling about these Matrix systems R.M.-Q.M.-Q.X.
I believe that there has not been any technical papers come out of Japan in English to identify these systems and the only system to decode these is the Sansui QS even though it might not be the correct decode. ???
As was mentioned over in the 'what's your latest Q8' thread, @bigbillquad won a couple of huge Japanese auctions recently that comprise something like 170 Japanese Q8 tapes. Over the last few weeks he's been sending me photos of all of them, and I've been collating, organising, transcribing the titles and translating from the Japanese.

The majority of this stuff is Japanese artists, but there are a few exciting Western finds. Nevertheless, pretty much all of this stuff was previously unknown, so we all owe Bill a big debt of gratitude not only for buying it, but also for taking the time to photograph everything - there are in excess of 600 (!) photos to be posted in all.

My plan over the next few days is to post things in numeric and alphabetical order (first all the RCA stuff, and then the Victor stuff) which will go something like this: J4S & RQJ (RCA Japanese pop), R4S 2000 series (RCA Classical), R4S 5000 & RQP 1000 series (RCA Western pop), QH 1000 & VQH 1000 series (Victor Japanese pop), QH 2000 & VQK 1000 series (Victor classical), and finally QW 7000 & VQW 1000 series (Victor Western pop).
J4S-7001 - Keiko Fuji 'I Will Take Care of You' / "演歌の星" 藤圭子のすベて '命預けます'

J4S-7002 - Hiroshi Uchiyamada and Cool Five 'Woman's Temper' / 内山田洋とクール・ファイブ '女のくやしさ'
J4S-7003 - Sadazaku Tabata Drum World 'Challenge to The World Top Hits' / 田畑貞一ドラムの世界 'ワールド・トップ・ヒットに挑戦'

J4S-7004 - Hiroshi Iwasaki Piano World 'Challenge to Pop Hits' / 岩崎 洋ピアノの世界 'ヒット・ポップスに挑戦'
J4S-7005 - Akiko Wada 'Akiko Wada On Stage / August 30, 1970' / 和田アキ子 ・才ン・ステージ 〜1970年 8月 30日

J4S-7007 - Grand Fantastic Strings 'Fantastic Strings Mood' / グランド・ファンタスティック・ストリングス '華麗なる幻想の世界'
(Japanese CD-4 LP equivalent: R4J-7003)
J4S-7008 - Grand Fantastic Strings 'Fantastic Strings Mood, Vol. 2' / グランド・ファンタスティック・ストリングス '華麗なる幻想の世界 Vol.2'
(Japanese CD-4 LP equivalent: R4J-7004)

J4S-7010 - Grand Fantastic Strings 'Fantastic Strings Mood, Vol. 3' / グランド・ファンタスティック・ストリングス '華麗なる幻想の世界 Vol.3'
(Japanese CD-4 LP equivalent: R4J-7008)
J4S-7011 - Hiroshi Uchiyamada and Cool Five 'Tragic Love' / 内山田洋とクール・ファイブ '悲恋'
(Japanese CD-4 LP: R4J-7009)

J4S-7012 - Keiko Fuji 'On Stage - Recorded Live in Shibuya Public Hall' / 藤 圭子才ン・ステージ - 渋谷公会堂 に於ける実況録音
(Japanese CD-4 LP: R4J-7010)
J4S-7013 - Grand Fantastic Strings 'Fantastic Strings Mood, Vol. 4' / グランド・ファンタスティック・ストリングス '華麗なる幻想の世界 Vol.4' "不滅のワールド・トップ・ヒット"
(Japanese CD-4 LP equivalent: R4J-7012)

J4S-7014 - Grand Fantastic Orchestra 'All Of Macaroni and Western' / グランド・ファンタスティック・オーケストラ 'マカロニ・ウエスタンのすベて'
(Japanese CD-4 LP equivalent: Possibly R4J-7013 [unconfirmed])
J4S-7015 - Norio Maeda All-Stars with Hōzan Yamamoto (Shakuhachi) 'A Fistful of Dollars / Macaroni Western Masterpiece Collection' / (尺八)山本邦山と前田憲男オール・スターズ '荒野の用心棒 / マカロニ・ウエスタン傑作集'
(Japanese CD-4 LP equivalent: R4J-7022)

J4S-7016 - Hiroshi Uchiyamada and Cool Five Sing the Harbor 'Outgoing Vessel / And, Kobe' / 内山田洋とクール・ファイブ 港を唄う '出船 / そして,神戸'
J4S-7017 - Keiko Fuji 'Back Street Life / Life Theater - Keiko's Fond Memories of Hits' / 藤 圭子 '裏町人生 / 人生劇場 - 圭子の懐メ口ヒット集'

J4S-7018 - Akiko Wada Pops World 'Snow Falling / Love Poetry' / 和田アキ子ポップスの世界 '雪が降る / ある愛の詩'
(Japanese CD-4 LP equivalent: R4J-7027)
J4S-7019 - Richard Gold Orchestra 'Harlem Nocturne / Standard Solo Mood' / リチャード・ゴールド・オーケストラ 'ハーレム・ノクターン / スタンダード・ソロ・ムード'
(Japanese CD-4 LP equivalent: R4J-7032)

J4S-7020 - Grand Fantastic Strings 'Polyuska Polye / Melancholy Russian Folk Songs' / グランド・ファンタスティック・ストリングス 'ポーリュシカ・ポーレ / 哀愁のロシア民謡'
(Japanese CD-4 LP equivalent: R4J-7034)
J4S-7021 - Hiroshi Uchiyamada and Cool Five 'Longing For the Shadow' / 内山田洋とクール・ファイブ '影を慕いて'

J4S-7022 - Simons 'Wind Breeze' / シモンズ '風はそよかぜ'