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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2016 5.1 surround mix of the classic 1984 album "Three of a Perfect Pair" by King Crimson.

The 2016 5.1 surround mix is available in a simple CD/DVDA-V configuration as part of the King Crimson 40th anniversary series.
It is also available on Blu-Ray Audio as part of the expansive box set entitled "On (& Off) The Road 1981-1984". (The box set also contains the same DVD-A/V disc.)

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Just as I like this album more than Beat, I like this surround mix more. It's still got two duff Belew tracks 'Model Man' (sub-Pretenders new wave) and 'Man With An Open heart' (sub Talking Heads new wave), and points off for using the inferior Definitive Edition/30th Anniversary mix as the remix template for 'Sleepless'; I prefer the wilder 'Bob Clearmountain' mix that was on the original LP (a bonus stereo track here). But from 'Nuages' on it's mostly good Crim. I was a bit underwhelmed by the surround mix of 'Industry', for which I had high hopes; SW seems to have mixed Bruford further into the background. But SW did a fine job with the rest of the side, and improved "Larks III'.
Now, here's my review for "Three of a Perfect Pair"!
The surround mix on the title track is pretty good. It's got the background vocal echoes in the surrounds, which is a nice touch. It's followed by "Model Man", which is less than memorable. I do like the mix on "Sleepless" however. It's solid without being gimmicky.
"Man With An Open Heart" is like "Model Man" in that the surround mix is not that memorable.
"Nuages" (which opens 'Side 2') is a really cool mix, one of the best on the entire disc, and the surround mix of "Industry" that follows is another cool mix.
Then, we get to the worse track on the album (IMHO), "Dig Me". Nothing can really save this track, but I soldier on.
The mix on "No Warning" is pretty cool, and while the album does end with the cool track "Larks' Tongues in Aspic III", that track does not have a standout mix.

Overall, I come away less impressed with "Three of a Perfect Pair" than I do with "Beat", but it's still a '10'. I think Steven Wilson has done the best job he could on the mix, and fidelity is just fine to me. Recommended. :)
This gets a seven from me. Similar issues with respect to the album and the mix as I had with Beat. I'm more inclined to listen to Discipline again that I am to slide this disc into the Oppo. Steven Wilson has made some real surround masterpieces from the source material, but I don't count this as one of them.

I like the music and the mix more than Beat. I found myself paying more attention to the music. Overall, I enjoyed the album more, so it gains a point.

Bear in mind that a 7 from me is a 10 from someone else. From the descriptions I've heard of some of the worst Silverline discs I'd give negative numbers if it was possible.
I prefer this album over Beat but ultimately, despite some excellent material, find it less consistent and less satisfying than Discipline. I'm very pleased with the mix and fidelity. So all in all a solid 9 for me.

PS I was happy to see KC for the very first time on this tour (in Boston). :)
Not many votes for this release...
It's a 9 for me (Content: 9; Fidelity: 10; Surround mix: 8)

I have a personal preference for Beat and Discipline for the '80s line-up. However, this is possibly the best digital release of Three of a Perfect Pair to date. The Original EG CDs don't sound great (there are a couple of masterings out there). The same applies to the DE. I like the 30th Anniversary Edition for the quality of the source tape, and it's included in hi-res in this release. We also get a few bonus tracks, among which "three perfect" industrial zones - A, B and C.

In terms of surround mix, I think the right side - or side B - works better than the left side - or side A. Nuages, Industry and No Warning are standouts, but I also like Sleepless.
There's something strange about the title track: I believe that Tony was been mixed a bit low, it's quite buried in the mix. The bass track is quite a thing in the title track, and it's a pity that it's barely audible at times. Apart from that, I couldn't notice any major revisionism in this surround remix. It's very good and enjoyable.

The same comments are valid for the new stereo mix. I can say that SW remixed the three '80s albums with a similar approach, by removing some peculiarities of the sound of that period (guitars are more prominent and very detailed, Belew's voice doesn't have reverb at all, bass is fatter but generally less prominent, the punch and dynamics of the drums are generally reduced). Mastering is a tad on the bright side, but nothing concerning.

Highly recommended purchase, at this price it's an auto-buy!. However, keep a copy of the old EG CD, or listen to the 30th remaster from time to time. It's good to remind yourself how these albums used to sound...
Looks like I missed saying a few words about this one too a couple years ago.

My favorite part of the new mixes for all three of these albums is hearing the proper weight of the band. Between the polite mix treatment that electronic drums often saw in this era and the decline in vinyl quality when this was originally released that further subdued the original, these three albums sounded a little freeze-dried. I feel like the size and weight of what they really sounded like live in a room comes through on these first and foremost. I would have bought the US WB pressings originally in high school. I found Japanese pressings that were a big reveal in the sound a couple years later but there was still a constrained sound compared to the more dynamic and wilder 72-74 output. I live for the avant garde and have always preferred the "right side" songs. LTIA3 really breaths now!

The US original and the Japanese pressing I have has Nuages closing the "left side". Still one of my favorite tracks here. I always thought of it as a bridge between "left" and "right". Opening the "right side" makes sense though. Was that sequenced that way on the UK original? I thought the various CD editions listed it under "left side" too.
Nuages has always been on the "left side", even though it's the real opening track of the "right side". We don't notice these details anymore with CDs and digital files, as there are no sides!
I had to go back and double-check this on the cover of my CDs (there's also a replica of the LP cover in the '80s box set: "On (and off) the road".
I think the only difference between early pressings and the recent CDs/DVDs is that they include a different mix for Sleepless, and the original one is provided as bonus track.
My favorite part of the new mixes for all three of these albums is hearing the proper weight of the band.
I feel like the size and weight of what they really sounded like live in a room comes through on these first and foremost.
I have the feeling that Bruford's drums would have sounded louder and more dynamic/punchy in a "live" scenario. Probably closer to the early vinyl pressings, or the Polydor CDs.
I also prefer this album over Beat but I find the surround mix a little inconsistent , the great title track doesn't sound as good as maybe it should somehow but things pick up with Sleepless and particularly Nuages sounding terrific with great use of rear speakers. Industry was tailor made for 5.1 and doesn't disappoint and LTIA3 sounds great - overall its a 9 from me
Been listening to this album a lot recently and its become a fav , but cant help feeling the 5.1 mix could have been better hence I've changed my vote from 9 to 8 - what a band they were at this stage , a shame it would not last beyond 1984
I am heavily biased for this disc because it is this tour that I got to see KC and out of literally thousands of concerts it was one of if not the best I have seen
content 9
mix 8
fidelity 8
overall 8
love all of the dissonance of this album ,
I am not sure why, but this album always puts me in a good mood. It is like the ingredients are the same as Beat and Discipline, but I respond very differently to each one. I know critics bashed this album at the time and it is usually regarded as the third lackluster installment of a franchise, but it really works for me. I like the vocals here better than the previous 2 albums and the vocal harmonies of the title track still grabs me.

The 2 bonus tracks of this version are a nice addition and prefer this to the 30th anniversary running order.

I think the surround mix really suits the music, opens up the album and lets you appreciate the details better. I agree that it is not very flashy, but it servers and elevates the music so I am a bit surprised that it is not very appreciated. It is also less compressed and sound less "dated" than the original.

Lark's... is the biggest improvement over the orginal mix (which sounded a bit "plastic" to me).

So, ToaPP is not as ground-breaking as Discipline but still a fantastic and enjoyable album, so still a 9 for me.
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