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For the ones more practical with Billboard searching on Google: i do remember on some pages passed in the past that there are ads of duplication plants: anyone able to find plants that offered quad8 dup?
Here are some scans of my Ike and Tina Turner Canadian Gold Dolby Q8 set. I would guess it's pretty rare:

Ike and Tina Twin Golds.jpg

Ike and Tina Twin Golds Backs.jpg

with the torn and tattered sleeve:

Ike and Tina 1 with Cover.jpg
It's a shame none of Tina's albums came out in Quad considering that Bolic Studios was actually made specifically for making Quad albums.
This is probably only tangentially interesting, but I was revisiting this thread the other day and was reminded of the name of Budd Dolinger, who was in charge of U/A's tape division during their short-lived quad era, and from the sounds of things was responsible, along with chief engineer Dino Lappas, for choosing which albums got the quad treatment.

Sadly, Mr. Dolinger passed away in 1998 at the age of 72, but his obituary from the Scranton, PA Tribune reveals that he led a kind of interesting life, and as a former schoolteacher and WWII vet, he maybe doesn't fit the stereotype of what you think of when you think of record executive.

Bernard Dolinger
February 12, 1998

Bernard Budd Dolinger, 72, Woodland Hills, Calif., a native of Dunmore, died Feb. 12 at the Tarzana-Encino Hospital, Tarzana, Calif. He was a graduate of Dunmore High School and Kutztown State University. He taught high school before moving to New York City for a position in the music recording industry, which eventually took him to California. Most recently, he headed his own insurance brokerage in Los Angeles. He was an elector of the annual Grammy Awards and was a board member of the Temple of the Creative Arts, Hollywood, Calif. During World War 2, he served in the Navy. Surviving are two daughters; Holly Grayson, Brentwood, Calif., and Leslie Dolinger, San, Francisco; a son, Miles, San Francisco; a sister, Joan Dolinger, Los Angeles; and a grandson. Burial services were Sunday at Mount Sinai Cemetery, Burbank, Calif. Memorial contributions may be made to the Temple of the Performing Arts, P.O. Box 1461407, Los Angeles, Calif. 90046
I have this in the cue to work on but I'm not sure if it was a gold cart or a regular black one

Well, if you like, I can send you the two gold carts to work on. Just let me know. They're both Dolby as well. As I recall, these are pretty clean sounding.